Victoria YoungM/W US HISPonceJanuary 9, 2018Primary Source Handout #1The author of this excerpt, Bartolemé de Las Casas, saw the Indians as oblivious human beings who were blinded by the promises from their “heavenly angels” which resulted in their demise. He believed the Indians to be humble because they had “no desire to possess worldly goods”. That trait alone made them the “most fortunate people” who deserved to know of their divine God. He also felt sorrowful for them because most of their souls died “without the Faith”. He saw the Indians as victims when his brethren he believed to be Christians turned out to be just “foolish and cruel” as they ruined the lands as well as the population of the Indians. The Native Americans experience was like the “Domino effect” whereas every horrendous act he so-called “Christians” did upon them got even worse as the Spaniard’s presence on the islands increased. At first, the Spanish Christians supposed goal was to let the Indians learn of a higher power, but some /Spaniards took a different approach. The effects of the Spaniard’s vast methods of cruelty resulted in many islands becoming depopulated and “laid to waste”. The men, woman, children, however, were either killed for sport or sold into slavery. In the end, many of the captives that were left died from “exhaustion or hunger” because of the Spanish Christians ghastly ways.The motivation of the colonizers was, for the majority, not a positive goal. The Spaniards saw a community of open-minded human beings willing to believe anything as a motive for their “terrorizing” ways. At first, their greedy motives were masked with the idea to allow the Indians to be “endowed by God”. The Indians saw the Spaniards as being “angels from Heaven”, but as time went by the Spanish Christians greed to obtain gold was the reason for their villainous ways. What started out as a rescue mission ended up as a bloody mess of innocent lives.  


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