Visit to Master Tiles    ·        `Firstly,We entered the Sample Room where all types of Tiles manufactured by MasterTiles were placed in addition to the other ceramic and sanitary products madeby them were also placed there. Following is brief description of the Tiles andthe other products that we saw there.·        Avariety of Marble Tile were on the display.Each Tile had its own distinctive look.               ·        PPRC pipes were on display. This are thelatest and so far best pipe for sanitary and commercial uses as according toour  tour guide they have high heatresistance and can be used for drinking water because of its germ free.  ·        Tapsmade from special materials which avoid rusting and guaranteed up to 50 years.  ·        Specialtype of Showers which have  ” Silicon ” in there nozzles ·        Anumber of beautiful wall tiles were on Display.

The Sculptures done on themwere digital as told by our tour guide. Some special Wall tiles are made ondemand.   ·        TheWooden Tiles are also replaced by ceramic tiles, as these tiles feel and smellslike wood but it is not actually raw wood. This is a great initiative taken byMaster Tiles as this technology would provide numerous benefits to environment.   ·        Ourtour guide then told us the difference between a porcelain and ceramic tile.Porcelain is a full body tile while ceramic is a 2 body tile. Ceramic have sizelimit but Porcelain has not.

 ·        Thenwe went to the manufacturing unit, and we were told about some precautions andwe were given masks because of the presence of harmful gases inside the Unit.After that we explored the unit and did some observations.             ·        Therewere floor tiles for indoors as well as outdoors. A special type of a tile wasalso on display which is used in Airports as it can withstand heavy traffic andweight on it and more stronger than marble.            Manufacturingunit:Theraw materials used here are clay, sodium feldspar which is used to lower thefiring temperature and some other chemical additives. Once the raw materialsare processed, a number of steps take place to get the final product.

·        Theraw materials are mixed with water underground and when the production is neededthe mixture goes to a huge container via vertical column.·        Atthis stage steam is introduced into this container which leaves behind thepowdered mixture which is sent to the cellos for the storage of product.·        Thepowdered form is then converted to required tile shape through machines.·         That machine can produce up to 110 tiles inone minutes at max. This process takes place in Vertical dryer which consistsof a stamp and that stamp is printed on Tile·        Thetiles are then sent to the paint and spray process.

A standby worker isinspecting the tiles for the sake of quality of paint.·        Afterpaint and spray process, the tiles are checked for sharp edges and properthickness, for this a worker is checking and marking the tiles  ·        Theglazing is done on the tiles .The glaze is printed on tile. There are two waysof glazing : 1.     Digital:The inks are injected into the machine which is provided with a extension file.The computer follows the command of that file and according to given commandmakes the required glaze 2.

     Automatic:A fixed glaze is to be printed on tiles ·        Thencomes the checking and grading process which is the final process before a tilegoes into the market. The tiles are moving on horizontal rollers and twoworkers are examining the tiles for their shape, texture and color, if theymark a single line then it’s a B grade tile and if they mark two lines then itis C grade tile. ·        Thesetiles are sent to the packaging unit where the tiles are packaged in cartonsthrough machines, after that a LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) carries the cartonsand places at their place.

Now the tile is sent to the distributors and from theminto the market.·        Beloware some images of manufacturing plant;        


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