Vulnerability their company, their home, their families and

is the weakness that this far from utopic world preys on. When you have worked
hard and fast to build a life for yourself, rise and shine to be successful and
happy then protecting yourself from the vices of greed, theft and other outside
attacks should be the primal concern. Everybody needs to protect their assets,
their company, their home, their families and hence themselves. Attacks can
come in any form and shape. But this is a concern that can be easily dealt with
assurance. This has paved the way for various online websites and companies
that provide you with safety and security. With the advent of technology today,
there are various companies of investigation and security that can protect you
easily from any type of danger.


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     Security and investigations companies have
an operational and physical risk mitigation system and measurable solutions to
investigations and protective services with minimum intrusion and cost.
Companies that also have a well detailed website that lists their contingency
plans and services they offer are more reassuring and easier to coordinate and
work with. JMN Investigations and Security Services is a case in point. There
are various situations under which it is best to hire security services like
robbery suppression or event security.

     People also seek security against violent
protests that are it in public streets or within a community. Women may also
seek protection against hostile domestic violence or workplace harassment of
any kind. Security companies are very quick on their feet; they have the
capacity to adapt to changing landscapes and are trained to have a good
presence of mind if some change of plans or inconvenience arises. They have
experience that allows them to arrive at solutions.


     Corporate sectors, especially rich successful
ones have high levels of unwarranted risk. One way to ensure success and growth
is to manage risks that such an industry is prone to. Private investigators are
required for companies and business deals prone to forgery and leaks, Industrial
espionage and trademark infringement. But the most dangerous kind is employee within
the company committing theft or policy violations. Internal corruption are more
dangerous because they are least suspected and come at a surprise. Computer
systems should have firewalls, security cameras and employees should be asked
to submit all the needed documents and papers for due background checks.


     Be it corporate sector or government
officials (even celebrities for that matter) physical protection becomes as
important as asset protection. Threats can range from fraud to embezzlement to
Eco-terrorism and anything in between. In this case executive protection
becomes an important factor in risk mitigation; the risk is not only against
you but by extension your family and friends too. Company’s clients can also be
targeted like threatening letters, kidnapping, car-jacking, mail-borne
explosives, and biological agents.

     It is harder to protect individual people
than venues. Venues have fixed entry exit points and specific circumference of
space needed to protect. But people on the other hand do not always have fixed
schedules and can be unpredictable. Therefore risk mitigation needs to be well
planned but also presence of mind and spontaneity needs to be implemented.
Security and bodyguards need to be unobtrusive and without interrupting their
daily works.


    Celebrities are the most followed people of
the world. Courtesy the social media they are harassed and subject to hate
mails, lewd comments in media or even in person and unwanted attention by fans.
In such cases, celebrity security is a dire need of the hour for them. Security
companies need to provide efficient security like escorting to places in
public, taxi services, bodyguards and micro-management.  Also, for celebrity security and other public
sphere officials non-disclosure agreements are very vital and help create a
long term faith and loyalty in the service company. This is mainly because
people in public positions are often particular about privacy and protecting their


     Events like Corporate Events, Promotional
Events, Exhibitions, events involving large media conferences, Concerts and Festivals,
Public gatherings in large scale and Private functions all require event
security. There are few basic fundamentals of event security that all good
security and investigations that event managers seek and company should
provide. Few of those are officials certified in medical remedies or counter
defence, strategically located- metal detectors, Explosive detection and good
communicating security agents and surveillance techniques among many.


     One of the essential factor to hiring a
security company is thorough research of the security companies itself that you
are going to assign the task of protecting you. Companies that hire licenced
and insured private investigators are more trustworthy. Fundamental
requirements like background checks and licence and insurance papers should not
be missed. With today’s technology it is easier to extensively vet someone for
example using the fingerprint database, checking for prior crimes in police
records, questioning neighbours and co-employees etc.

     These few steps might seem overreaching
yet are essential because you will be putting your entire trust on group of
strangers that you have hired, you will feel much more secure if you know
everything about the employees that you have surrounded yourself with.