Waste bins can sometimes be an eyesore to the environment when they are overfull and spill out of the bin. The question arises on how to collect these waste at the right time and carefully dispose of them. In recent times, with the rapid development of technology, there need to be systems that can easily help in detecting when the waste bins are full. The proposed research describes a smart recycle bin that can be used in managing waste around the cities. These smart recycle bins will be embedded with sensors that are connected through cellular networks and sends real-time data about the status of the waste bin in a particular location to the main server. The proposed research, smart recycle bins will help in the management of waste around smart cities.INTRODUCTIONThe process of collection of waste from the point of use to the point of disposal can be one hectic process for service providers. These waste can range from solid waste to recyclable waste, domestic waste and industrial waste that could easily lead to pollution of the environment, diseases and negative effects on the hygiene of humans. These wastes need to be disposed of one way or the other and the use of the traditional method of monitoring these wastes when the waste bins are full can be one challenging process that that requires a lot of time and human effort. These traditional way of monitoring waste are becoming obsolete and they are mostly not compatible with modern day technologies. For these issues to be overcome, I am proposing a smart and autonomous waste bins that can help in detecting when the waste in the bin is full or reaches a particular level and then reports the code to the municipal waste management. This smart waste management system will be without human interaction and help in sending signals to waste management when the bin the full, thereby help in making the environment clean and healthy. In places where wastes are mostly high, and the control mechanism towards disposing of this waste is always relatively low, the smart recycle bin will be used to manage the disposal of these waste. The smart recycle waste bin will help prevent the congested collection of waste that is generated domestically in these places, thereby help in managing the disposal of the waste. The smart recycle bin can also help prevent human time lost in cases where the bin is not yet full to a particular level when the municipal waste management comes to pack the waste. The smart recycle bin will be mainly used in smart cities where irregular management of waste can lead to some negative effects on the environment. The main aim and objective of the proposed smart recycle bin are:• To provide a smart and autonomous technology for waste management,• To create a system that helps in monitoring waste,• To provide a system that does not need any human intervention,• To reduce human effort and time, and,• To create a safe and waste-free environment.LITERATURE REVIEWMETHODOLOGYWaste bins are basically used for waste collection and the present method of collection of waste has so many limitations and incorporating a bit of smartness on this waste bins will help solve the problems associated with the collection of waste. Therefore, a Smart Recycle Waste bin will be the perfect solution to these issues. The basic components of the smart recycle waste bins are the PIC microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor and GSM module connected to the cellular network. Other components include; a voltage regulator, resistor, motor, motor LCD, motor driving IC, capacitor, and a crystal oscillator. The ultrasonic sensor makes use of ultrasonic waves to check the status of the waste bin and to know when the waste bin is full or not, the cellular network connection help the system in sending and coordinating the status of waste bin to the server while the PIC microcontroller is used to control the ultrasonic sensors and the GSM module. The system main server will store the details of the waste bins and the authority registration and any information about the smart waste bin system in any location can be collected from the database. Each Smart Waste Bin will have have a unique Identification number. With these unique identification numbers, the waste management system authorized personnel will have access to the co-ordinate of the waste bins and the sensors will relay to them the information they need to get to the location of the waste bin when it gets filled to a particular level and there is a need for collection. The users of these smart waste recycle bins will have the smart waste management system mobile application installed on their phones to notify them with the nearest location of an unfilled waste bin when they need to dispose of their waste. The Smart Waste Bin mobile application will have two user interface: one of the users’ interface will be for registered residents that use the waste bin to dispose of their waste. These users will also have an option of getting the locations of the nearest available waste bin in their town, city or area. The other user interface will be for the drivers of the waste collection management. These drivers have access to the exact pin locations of the smart waste bins with the unique identification number. On the mobile application, filled waste bins will be indicated with a red color while unfilled waste bin will be indicated with a blue color. These color indication will give the user, drivers, and residents, the opportunity to differentiate filled waste bins from unfilled waste bins.The working principle behind the smart recycle waste management system is;• Residents or people register to download the smart recycle bin mobile application on their phones.• These people check which waste bin is unfilled in real time.• People dispose of their waste in the Smart Waste Recycle Bin.• The Smart Waste Bin checks the level of the waste at intervals using the ultrasonic sensors• When the Smart Waste bin becomes full,  a signal is sent to the main server in the control center of the waste management authority about the location of the filled waste bin.• The control center sends the locations of the filled bins to the waste collection vehicles who come to empty the filled waste bin in time.• A notification is sent to the control center by the waste collection vehicles about the unfilled waste bin who in turn send notifies the users via their mobile application about the location of the unfilled waste bin.The smart waste management system help waste collection authority to carefully monitor the level of the waste bin thereby avoiding the waste bin been overfilled at any particular time. The smart waste bins will also be incorporated into locks to prevent any kind of theft and damage to the components of the waste bins. BUSINESS PLANThe Smart Recycle Waste Bin will help save taxpayers’ money spent on waste management by government. The number of vehicles and trucks required for waste collection and the amount of fuel consumed by these vehicles will be reduced with the use of this smart recycle waste bin. This technology will also create more jobs for IT personnel as they help in writing algorithms for this system and mobile application and also bring in more money to the information technology industry. CONCLUSIONMost countries with urban cities always employ different methods to make the cities look clean and keep the environment from pollution and the humans from diseases. These cities use different methods for the disposal and collection of waste but with the introduction of the human-friendly smart waste bin, the waste collection becomes easier in smart cities. From the successful survey conducted, many people believe the proposed smart waste bin system will help in the timely and proper collection of wastes when they are full. The encouragement and investments from the private sector and government will help in transforming the proposed smart waste bin into a product that can be used in many cities in the world. In conclusion, the system will help in saving cost, time and human effort and in turn help in minimizing diseases and pollution of the environment.


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