Waste is the taking care of disposed materials.

Waste Management is very important  because if we don’t manage waste properly it can produce harmful gases which cause breathing problems and are mixed with air. We can manage waste by recycling which is better and healthier for our environment. Things that can be recycled are glass, oil, plastic, and paper.  The definition of waste management are things produced by humans and they are reduced for people’s well being and environment.Waste is the taking care of disposed materials. Reusing and composting, which change waste under helpful products.Waste is something that is useless or unwanted.Waste is whatever substance which is disposed of following use, or it is worthless, faulty or has no use. Waste is the taking care of disposed materials. Reusing and composting, which change waste under helpful products.The types of Waste Management Liquid waste:  Waste can also come in the liquid form sometimes it can be turned into liquid waste for easy disposal eg.stormwater Solid waste: solid waste is garbage that we throw in our homes and other places. eg. old car tires, broken furniture and food waste Hazardous waste: this is waste that is dangerous to the public and of course the environment like inflammable waste, toxic waste and corrosive waste eg. fire extinguisher, lamps, and batteries.Organic waste: this waste comes from plants and animals .eg fruit and vegetable peels, and other food waste.There biodegradable and people turn organic waste into compost to use in gardens.Recyclable waste: recycling means turning waste into new and useful products eg.aluminum, plastic bottles glass and paper.Landfills- it’s a place to throw waste material and burning it or covering it over the soil and it saves the land.How to reduce wasteDon’t use plastic bags, cancel unnecessary mail, reduce packaging this helps the planet because there won’t be as much health problems and there will be more space on the earth which is not covered in garbage. The issue that most of the world is experiencing is that there’s too much waste. There are a lot of possible solutions to this but a lot of people don’t want to be part of it. Our world is getting dirty and no one is taking action. There are a lot of impacts like health issues, deforestation and air pollution which is not good for our planet. Air pollution is caused by smoke or gas. It also affects health problems which many of us have. People mostly put waste in landfills. There are some benefits of landfills such as food scraps and organic waste gets compacted down and covered but there are disadvantages as well.ReflectionI think that waste is getting to be a big problem and if we don’t take action soon there will be some problems.There is too much waste but no one seems to care that much.After a while, there won’t be anywhere to put the waste and there will be so much pollution and the world will be a very dirty place to live in.I think we should quickly do something before it’s too late.I’m pretty sure that people don’t want to live in a dirty environment.There are a lot of possible solutions if anyone wants to be part of it.Nowadays a lot of people are littering and don’t seem to care what the after result will be.I think we should inform them so they can quickly be active and take action.Some people don’t even realize that there harming the environment but they are.My new article basically talks about how much of Ontario’s waste goes per person.An average of about one to one and three quarters goes to landfills which is a lot.There’s way too much food waste and organic material going in landfills which produces harmful gases.Minister chris ballard said that the government is thinking of banning food waste in landfills.Their next goal is to preserve the resources and to find valuable materials that is lost in the landfills.There also thinking of making a new “food and organic waste” for Ontario.It will be ready in fall.It also talks about how factories,businesses and malls have more waste than they should actually have.These places only recycle 15 cent of their waste and than send 6.7 million tons to landfills.Part of the issue is that these places are allowed to do “use-once-throw-away”thinking she said.”the biggest thing is to buy things,use them a long time, instead of buying lots of things and throwing them out,” said Saxe.I think what there saying is right because it would reduce a lot more waste and will actually help the environment.