We all know the facts about the water like 71% of the total surface area of the Earth is water and 70% of human body mass is water. But how much water we drink daily? According to a research 75% people on the earth do not drink enough water, which is necessary for the smooth working of the human body. So to keep you motivated here are some benefits of drinking water: • Say goodbye to skin problems: Researches and my own experience have shown that drinking ample amount of water daily makes your skin flawless. You pimples, acne, and oily skin get better and beautiful. • Stay Energized: Do you feel tired after just waking up? Do you feel sleepy during the work even after sleeping enough? This fatigue is a sign of dehydration. Drinking necessary water daily will keep you full of energy all the day. • Improves digestion: Water helps to facilitate the digestion.

Because of dehydration, it is quite possible to get constipation. It is a fact that you need water to extract nutrients from the food. Staying hydrated will regulate your digestion cycle, which in turn, improves overall mood. • Regulates Blood Pressure: Drinking enough water regulates your blood thickness. This controls your blood pressure and avoids blood clotting and so many diseases.

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Proper blood flow also ensures well flow of nutrients throughout the body. • Keeps your internal organs healthy: Providing your kidneys enough liquid to process ensures smooth working of it. It prevents stone formation. Proper hydrations also moisturize your breath and mucous membranes.

• Boosts immunity: It is one of the major benefits of drinking water, It boosts your immunity. water keeps you safe from the common cold to kidney stones. It regulates body temperature, so also avoids fever and other illnesses. • Losing weight: Honestly, this may sound weird, but drinking excess water daily can reduce your weight. This works because most of the time when we are thirsty, we are confused that we are actually hungry.

By staying hydrated we can avoid excess eating. and this really helps in losing weight. How much water do you need daily: According to experts, our body needs at least half gallon or 1 liters of water daily. We generally feel thirst when we lose 1% of water. losing up to 3% of body water can cause serious health problems.

You must try to drink at least 8 glasses of water. How to drink enough water: Now the question comes how to make it sure that you drink that much water? Actually, it is quite easy nowadays to ensure proper hydration. You can get mobile apps like water drink alarm and aqua alert. These apps can remind you to drink water at regular intervals. These apps can also track your water intake.

You should make it a habit to drinking water at regular intervals. Also, make it a habit to keep a water bottle with you always. Some people also complain that they don’t like the taste of it, You can also use flavors to make it more potable. Or alternatively, you can eat fruits containing natural water. You can follow any method to ensure proper hydration and keep yourself healthy and energized. Stay hydrated, Live healthy.


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