We all have read the quote “Life is not easy, and it is not meant to be”. What this quote conveys ? Is Life very difficult or tough ? No, it conveys that to live a life you needs a positive mindset, a positive outlook towards whatever situation you get into. Positive thinking improves your health, enhance your relationships, increase your chances to succeed, and add meaningful years to your life. In today’s stressful world, most people are surrounded by negativity each day. However, prime reason behind this negativity is ourselves, the thoughts which get influenced by the company we keep and our personal perspective on life’s realities. Negative thoughts narrow our focus and scope of work by adversely affecting the thinking process of our mind. So the first and foremost important thing is to curb the negative thoughts and gradually build up a positive thinking process or I would say train our mind to think positive. Positive thinking is developed by practice and it requires certain mental attitude. A positive mindset generates positive thoughts. When we have positive  mindset, we instantly find answers to the most complex problems and challenges which we encounter. We need to be emotionally intelligent to develop a positive mindset. By emotional intelligence I mean, skill to train our mind to think positive in every situation. And how this training will be done ? It will be achieved by practice and we have to do daily and apply regularly. As we make it a daily habit, we gradually achieve a positive thinking mindset which allows us to avoid negative thoughts and helps us to resolve tough situations quickly and easily. With a positive thinking attitude one can live naturally happy and can enjoy a better and more rewarding life. We can start it by using positive words while thinking and talking. When we initiate any plan or action, it is necessary to visualize clearly in our mind its successful execution and outcome. Surround yourself with people having positive energy. This will help in generating an equivalent positive energy in you which will attract further positive people towards you and it will be an ongoing process. Each person benefits from other one and vice versa.  A person who follows – “Think positive and everything will work out”, not only has the proper positive thinking mindset in easy circumstances but also in hard or tough times. Positive thinking is a powerful weapon which drives our actions and execute them in successful way. A big hindrance in positive thinking is thinking too much about past. If we have suffered in past or made any mistake then often we try to live that past in our present too. This is the habit we have to avoid or if we have then we should work to remove it. It is important to remember that we must live in present and get rid of past sufferings by thinking of good fortune. Thinking about past suffering adversely affect our present by generating negative thoughts. We start to think that since we failed in past we will repeat in present too and we avoid moving forward. Often there is strong inner resistance when replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. We have to ensure that we do not give up and instead keep looking only at the beneficial, good and happy thoughts in the mind. It may take some time for the changes to take place, but fruitful results are assured. Once such a positive environment is setup around you, your thoughts will evolve automatically. With evolving thoughts you will start noticing even tiny positive things happening around you. These smaller things bring a major transformation in your life by moving you away from negative thoughts and guiding you to move continuously in forward direction.  On a concluding note, I would like to restate that positive thinking is a basic requirements for positive outcome in any field of our life. So we have to learn the power of positive thinking because adopting positive attitude is an essential part of that process to gain benefits in our life. 


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