What do we see that there are 4 elephants in a bar? The 2CV is parked in front. How do we get 4 elephants into a 2cv? 2 in front and 2 behind. How do you get two hippoppotames in a 2 hp? One can not be 4 Elephant How does an elephant climb in a tree? He puts himself on a shrub and he waits for it to grow. How does an elephant come down from a tree? He puts himself on a leaf and waits for autumn. How to put an elephant in the fridge in three movements? You open the fridge, you put the elephant and then you close the fridge. How to put a giraffe in the fridge in four movements?You open the fridge, you take out the elephant, you put the giraffe and then you close the fridge. What do you recognize when an elephant is in the fridge? Footprints on butter.

 Who was missing at Tarzan’s wedding? The giraffe that was stuck in the fridge. Why do elephants move in a compact herd? Because it’s the one in the middle that has the radio … Why do rhinoceroses move in a compact flock? To make the elephants believe that they, too, have the radio …

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This is the well-known story of an elephant taking a bath and a little mouse. She approaches her furiously and says to her, “Get out of this bath!” I-mmé-dia-te- is lying !!” The elephant obeys (he’s not crazy, he knows it would be inscience not to obey a mouse). The mouse calms down and adds: “It’s okay this time, I thought it was you who stole my jersey” How do elephants go unnoticed? They put on sunglasses. How do elephants cross a pond? – They jump from water lily to water lily.

 The mice play a rugby match with the elephants. Elephants win the match. In the third half, the elephant captain says:- Sorry to have crushed a lot of your players ..

. – It does not matter, we too played the hard way. What is the difference between an Indian elephant and an African elephant? – 3000 kilometers. How does an elephant hide in a field of strawberries? – He paints his nails in red! Have you ever seen elephants in a strawberry field? – No, because they are well hidden! In Noah’s ark, an animal was missing, which one? – The giraffe, she was in the fridge.

 Why are crocodiles flat? – Because they often go under the trees in autumn. Why are elephants gray?- So that we do not confuse them with wild strawberries. Why do elephants bring their snowshoes on the beach? – To not sink into the sand. How does an elephant ride on a 20m tree? – He climbs a 30m tree and jumps.

 Why do ostriches put their heads in the sand? – To chat with elephants with bad quality snowshoes.


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