What it can be adjusted to meet required

What do we understand about control engineering?
Basically, control engineering is a field of study that concerns with
understanding and controlling segments of human environment that is often
called systems, in order to provide useful economic product for society.
Moreover, systems that we commonly used in our daily life include
transportation, communication, domestic appliances and many more in which
control action is done manually or automatically. Control engineering is not
limited to any engineering discipline but is equally applicable electrical,
mechanical, environmental, civil, chemical and aeronautical engineering.

the project title is Position control of armature controlled DC Motor. We work
as five members per group in order to solve the problem related to the position
control of an electromechanical system as shown below :

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Figure 1 : DC motor                
       Figure 2 : Electric diagram


DC motor of any type of rotary
electrical machine, works as converter that convert direct current of
electrical energy to mechanical energy. Besides, most of the type of DC motor
have some internal mechanism, either electromechanical or electronic where
basically for periodically change the direction of current flow in the motor. A
DC motor’s speed can be controlled over a very huge range by using a variable
supply voltage or by changing the strength of current in its field winding. In
addition, a small DC motor usually used in toys, tools and appliances. Larger
DC motor usually used in propulsion of electric vehicles, elevator and hoists
or in drives for steel rolling mills.

Position control of DC motor
operates on the basic principle of feedback control and that is closed-loop
system. A closed-loop system uses a measurement of the output and the feedback
of the signal to compare it with the desired output.

Figure 3 : Closed-loop System


Generally, the aims of this project
is to develop an understanding of PIC control of motor shaft angle, how it
works and how it can be adjusted to meet required specifications. Moreover, our
objective for this project is to analyze steady-state error, stability and
transient response of controlled system using appropriate method. Next is to
demonstrates design and analysis of physical systems using time and frequency
response methods to the practical application in control systems. Besides, the
third objective is to execute problem solving methods and verify the concepts
covered in basic control system via hand calculation and simulation in
computer-aided software in the the group project. Lastly is to be able to
produce full format report of Control Engineering project. For the scopes, we
are going to solve the problem related to the position control of an armature
controlled DC motor. We write down necessary equations based on the Figure 1
and Figure 2 and establish block diagram. We also using MATLAB to construct the
block diagram and closed the loop. A square wave signal with the amplitude of 1
rad and frequency of 0.5 Hz was used as desired input signal.