What is the meaning of personal excellence? What is personal excellence? There is no exact line everybody has to reach in order to attain personal excellence. This is because it is your personal excellence. You set the line.  Personal excellence is an abstract noun. This means it is like a goal. Your five senses cannot perceive it. Sure they help you reach it though you can’t actually have personal excellence physically. It is simply a goal that you and you only try to reach through smart actions. Nobody is going to reach it for you. It’s personal because everybody is different. Everybody has their own expectations. They draw their own line they want to reach.Personal excellence is not only for academics but also sports, character, academics, and simply to live life to its fullest along with many other subjects. Though fullest does not mean the same to you as it does to others. This is why it’s personal. Maybe for one person, fullest means being rich but to another, fullest means being happy and successful in life. That may not necessarily mean being rich. In academics for instance,  some people might not be as smart as another so there personal excellence is to get marks in the 80’s. The smarter person would most likely want marks in the 90’s to meet their personal excellence. Maybe for other people, personal excellence to them is passing a test or quiz. In sports, to reach your personal excellence might mean that you have to try your hardest at games and practices or be a team leader. In character, personal excellence might be attained by being kind and thoughtful of others, being a leader of a group. Showing people the right paths in life. Guiding people of the wrong ones in life.  It’s important to pursue personal excellence because if you never reach it, you will go nowhere in life. You will always be under your expectations. Personal excellence does not only apply to The Edge school. You don’t try to reach that expectation of yours when you walk through The Edge doors in the morning and stop trying to attain it when you exit them in the afternoon. No, you try to reach you personal excellence everywhere you go. It’s a goal, your goal, and you try to reach it every chance and opportunity you get. Do what you can. Do what you must to accomplish this goal of yours. Then, you will have reached your personal excellence.


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