What is protein?

It is obvious that majority of the people
know protein as a body building food. Indeed, this is a fact since the main
function that proteins does in the body is to build. Some may define the same
as a molecule that is present in food and when broken down, it releases amino
acids that are so crucial for the healthy development of the body.

As a matter of fact, the body is in dire
need for the same supplements in certain quantities that help the body to
function normally and efficiently. Therefore, whenever we eat the foods that
are rich in proteins, the body responds by breaking it down into simple
molecules of amino acid and absorbed into the body.

Another version of its definition is that,
it is a macronutrient obtained mostly from animal products but though available
in some plants. In this case, both plant and animal proteins are essential, as
they are the big source of amino acids.

Ideally, proteins according to studies make
up the largest part of our body weight. That comes from the fact that proteins
are the best foods for bodybuilding and muscle mass development.


Why athletes/body builders need proteins?

Both athletes and body builders need this
awesome supplement in their diet. In this case, athletes require a good source
of energy that enables them to compete well with other athletes. Therefore,
there are so many benefits that athletes gain from the same and that makes them
fit for the game. Just mention some, the importance of proteins to athletes and
bodybuilders include the following:

Maintaining anabolic state

Athletes and bodybuilders need to maintain
anabolic rate at all times for them to perform their roles effectively. This is
because, they are so much involved in exercises and heavy tasks that requires
energy reserves and maintenance of the same.

In many accasions, you will find them in
the gym or in the field doing lots of exercises and body fitness trainings that
exhaust all their energy reserves in the body. In this case, proteins have been
found to be a better source of energy and body development. It is worth noting
that, without proteins, athletes might not be in a position to compete or to
continuously exercise.

Therefore, eating proteins daily is the
best practise for them to maintain an anabolic state at all times. As has been
mentioned, proteins are good source of energy apart from the fact that they are
helpful in bodybuilding.


Building muscle

Building a muscle mass is not possible
without proteins. In fact, the same are rich in amino acids that can be broken
down by the body to give nitrogen that serves as a growth element in the body.
Without proteins, we cannot get amino acids and the result is that, our body
tissues and muscles will not develop.

In addition, the same are essential in the
recovery of the muscles and therefore, it is recommendable that, proteins be
taken at least every day in every diet. As has been mentioned ealier in this
article, proteins come from different sources but are equally important for the
development of muscle mass.

Of the most important are animal proteins
since they are more effective than plant proteins. This is according to the
studies that have been carried out by health and nutrition scholars. In this
case, it is important to balance since some sources are rich in the same
nutrient while others are not.

Another thing to note is that, muscles are
very important for athletes in a great measure. In this case, it acts as an
energy that catapults an athlete to win the race. Without the strong muscles.
One might not manage to navigate through hardship or hilly areas during the
long races. Therefore, to boost their confidence, they need strong muscles
since this is the determiner for success.


Source of growth hormones

Growth hormones is an amino acid component
of about 190 amino acids. As its name suggest, growth hormone is highly
beneficial in the growth of body tissues, cells and organs. The growth hormone
also control vital body processes such as metabolism and psychological process
of the mind.

What then are the importance of the growth

Of course, when it comes to the growth
hormone alone, you will find so many benefits that result from the same. As a
product from proteins, the growth hormones plays a critical role that is so
imperative for both athletes and body builders. Therefore, the few roles of the
same include:

It increases the capacity of
the body tissues to retain calcium. Therefore, to mention, growth hormones
enhances the calcium retention which is necessary in the growth of muscles and
strengthens the bones. 

Growth hormone promotes
the utilization of fats from the body. Ideally, it promotes the oxidization of
adipocytes and breakdown of triglyceride that is an important process as it helps the
body to shed off excess fats that are not good for athletes.

Another important function of the protein
growth hormone is that it lowers the capacity of the liver to absorb glucose.
That is a function counter to the function of insulin and therefore, it is helpful
in maintaining healthy blood sugar level in the body.

Enhances thermic levels

Protein has the most astounding
“burning effect” of any nourishment. That implies that nourishments
that are high in protein can really accelerate your digestion system as much as
30% on the grounds that your body needs to work harder to process, prepare and
use it contrasted with sustenance that are higher in fat or starch.


A good example is a 125-gram bit of chicken
of about 2 pieces with 24 grams of protein and 1.5 grams of fat. The truth be
told that it is figured to contain roughly 90 calories because of the vitality
consumption amid the thermic digestive procedure.

In this case, athletes benefit mostly from
this since, when body burns fats, they do not risk from some of the misfortunes
that areassociated with excess fats. That is to say, they are exempted from the
risks of some diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes among others.
Therefore, their fitness remains intact at all times and seasons.

Without this awesome impact of the protein
supplements, body builders and athletes may suffer the same problem that in
turn may limit their performance in athletics or in their efforts to build
their bodies.

Facilitates fat burning process

Fat burning is a very important activity
for the body. It ensures that the body is fit and every excess fat that comes
is burned and used by the body. There are so many benefits that athletes gain
from this point. As matter of fact, athletes should have healthy and fit bodies
to enable them perform well in their athletics.

The amino acids that are the component of
the protein are very good for the same function. This therefore helps in
burning calories that if not taken care of can cause excess weight in our

In addition, protein utilization likewise
expands plasma convergences of the hormone glucagon. Glucagon is in charge of
alienating the impacts of insulin in fat tissue and thus a fat burner.


High levels of glucagon prompts the
activation of fat while diminishing the sums and exercises of the chemicals in
charge of making and putting away fat in the liver cells. By bringing down the
fat enzymes, the body then responds in burning down excess fats that are found
in the tissues and prevents the deposition of the same.



Proteins offer satisfaction as compared to
other meals. In this case, when you take little amounts of proteins, you feel
satisfied more than when you take in other type of the same quantity. This has
an amazing effect since is deemed to reduce the production of insulin.

On the other hand, when you eat different
type say carbohydrate, you take more as when you take in proteins alone. The
effect is that, due to the small amount, the insulin are also released in lower
amounts and thus the level of blood sugar is kept constant.

According to the studies, athletes and body
builders like eating more proteins than any other meals due to this amazing
fact among other benefits that accrue from the same nutrient.

Lowers blood insulin

Eating a lot of proteins with starches are
helpful to the body since it backs off the insulin reaction. This is critical
in controlling vitality levels, and is similarly essential when attempting to
build up a leaner body. High amounts of insulin in the circulatory system
initiate fat storage cells. This therefore advances the development of
triglycerides in the circulation system into fat cells that are then stored.


It is very important to Control the insulin
reaction in the body. Additionally it is vital in light of the fact that it
diminishes the potential for insulin resistance, a condition in which
individuals lose their sensitive nature to insulin. Research findings show that
high glucose levels and hyperinsulinemia is connected with a large group of
ailments, for example, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, and
coronary illness among others.


How much proteins are recommendable

Actually, it is always the best practice to
take in proteins in the required quantities. Nutritionists have studied and
come up with recommendable amounts that everyone should take. Therefore, as an
athletic person or if you are building your body, you should always be
knowledgeable on this area.

One of the greatest and terrible mistakes
that you can ever make is to take the same in quantities that are not
recommended by scientists. Therefore, what are the recommended quantities? As
you go through this article, you will realize that, though proteins are
helpful, they can also destroy if not taken in the required quantities.

In order to know the exact quantities that
the athletes should take in every meal, it is also invaluable to have a look at
the general diet plan.  In this case, it
is recommendable that, the amounts of calories that should come from the same
should be approximately 10 to 15 percent of the total diet.

Therefore, having looked at the overall
diet of the athlete, the other percentage of the calories should be contributed
by other nutrients such as fats and carbohydrate among others. Therefore, for
the proteins to be effective for an athlete, he or she should observe the right
diet as recommended by the experts.

The exact amounts have also been given by
the nutritionists and experts and in their findings; they found that, athletes
need only small amounts of proteins per day. That translates to 1.2 to 1.7
grams depending on the nature of the athlete.


When to take

Of course, you should expect a nutritionist
to recommend for a daily consumption of the same. This is a fact that applies
and therefore, for you to maintain a healthy and perfect athletic body, you
need this awesome piece of advice.


Best sources of proteins



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