When it first-hand on the ideas that I

I took the VARK Questionnaire the result that it gave me were that I have a
multimodal learning style. Multimodal meaning that I learn from a combination
of visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. To have the information that I
am taught to really stick with me I have to have the information presented to
me in multiple ways, while other people learn by one way of teaching.

I am multimodal I took strategies from all of the categories. The first
category I chose was a kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learners are the ones
who learn by experience. One strategy that can help me learn is taking trips to
places and go experience it first-hand on the ideas that I am learning.  The next one is visual and they learn by
seeing things. One strategy that I found that can help is to look at graphs and
to look at posters, videos, posters, and or slides of a power point. The third
learning area is read/write. These are the people who can listen to someone lecture
they have to read the information or write it out. One strategy that I learned
from reading about them is to get a textbook and to write notes on the ideas
that I read about. The fourth and final area of learning is aural. These are
the people who can sit down at a desk and can listen to a lecture and learn
straight from it. I found a helpful tip is to gather a group and just talk out
the ideas that you are currently learning about in class.

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From the nights
reading, I gathered some helpful strategies for each of the learning styles.
For visual learners, I learned that they should sit near the front, sketch your
ideas out, list your tasks, and used colored stickies for different notes. For
Kinesthetic learned, I learned that they can sit anywhere, take creative notes,
and as they study they should move around to different spots. And for auditory
learners, I learned that they should choose their spot in the class according
to where they can hear the best, teach themselves to read aloud, and to ask