When Walt Disney went to his studio he found 300 angry protesters. They used his own cartoons in their signs.

This is the biggest incident that has ever happened to Disney.This shows how serious these protester were. For some of them this meant they would get there jobs taken away from them. When they used Walt’s characters against him he probably felt sad or angry.This photo shows Disney animators striking against There are people holding signs and making lots of commotion to make Walt change the way he treats his employees. Since the people in this time had gone through the great depression they were used to this. It looks like there are some strikers eating at a store in the back round. I’m sure even if you wasn’t involved with this issue you still knew about it from all the commotion.

Before the strike one of the top animators at Disney (Art Babbitt) considered Walt his friend. After he wasn’t so sure. Babbitt had a big part in the making of Snow White. Some people who worked with Walt and thought of him as a friend changed their opinions after the strike. Some people probably felt betrayed and ashamed of Walt Disney.The guild would make it so that basically anyone who went to work would just have to deal with the bad employee treatment or just get a new job.The workers would get fired and have to accept there complaints if the screen cartoonists guild happened. That is if they went to work.

At the time Walt thought that Disney would lead the National Labor Relations board.The strike is a VERY VERY important event that drastically changed our history. After the strike it was more company than family.This strike affected  Disney as well as the world. It changed some of the movies they were working on at the time and also changed the way they treated their employees.Walt and Art Babbitt were friends until the strike. Features like The three little pigs and and other films had assigned animators.

For these people it wasn’t surprising because they had been through the great depression.This event wasn’t as devastating as some pictured but it still paved a huge road in the history of MURICA! Since the people had seen things like the great depression the strikers knew how to deal with not much money.The 5 week long strike was started over how some animators who contributed to the film Snow White were paid unevenly. Some animators were paid a lot and others were paid very little.  Walt himself was upset because he felt his his workers were not loyal to him. This action by the animators lead to Disney having a union of workers. This Disney strike may have influenced other companies to change the way they treat employees.As a result, it is likely more employees started to have unions.

This is a cartoon or drawing that a Disney animator drew so that he could strike against Disney. The dragon is probably a character from Disney. That would most likely show Walt Disney how serious this was. The artist probably printed this and put it on a sign.There were lots of signs like this with Disney characters. Since the animators were doing things like this it really shows you how serious they are to use Walt’s creations against him. The dragon has a flag on its body that says “Disney unfair to it’s artists.

“This photo shows mickey mouse holding a sign that says Are we mice or men. Since mickey is a mouse character from Disney it makes sense to say what they said. The striking animators would make signs like this because they had the drawing talents. As i have already said animators would make drawings like this to protest Walt Disney during this several week long strike. They would put these on signs and then protest in marches and big groups.

If this strike never happened then the UPA stdio would never have had an influence on animation to the world. The strike ended because Walt Disney signed something that made the paychecks for the animators more fair. After the strike Walt Disney didn’t think of workers as friends anymore. He thought of them more as business companions. The strike made at least four comic strips be created because the artists that quit normally got jobs making comics and working for other studios.


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