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When you listen to hip hop music how do you feel? It’s not one feeling you have certain artist that make you wanna turn up and some you listen to when your down on your luck and in your feelings, then there’s artist that have music for every type of mood two artist that master this skill are Tupac Shakur  and Eminem. Can you name a duo more Lyrically intelligent then these two names?   To begin we have Eminem born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Eminem started rapping at the age of 14 with a highschool friend under the name M&M. Mathers and a friend would sneak into a neighboring highschool to compete in rap battles. Every saturday Eminem and his friends would go to open mic contest at a hip hop shop on west 7 mile road in Detroit. He struggled to succeed in a rap game currently dominated by black people. But as his reputation grew he caught the eyes of numerous rap groups starting with the new jacks then he went to soul Intent for a few years. Eminem and childhood partner Proof joined four other men to create The Dirty Dozen(D12).He then joined FBT Productions and put out his debut album “Infinite”in 1996. Upon release it was a failure, All the reviews he got were bad and made him write angrier and Moodier tracks. His early career was plagued by depression and being broke, He worked sixty hours a week for 6 months at a restaurant. He got fired 5 days before christmas which also happens to be his daughters birthday which led to major depression and and an attempted suicide attempt. He then formed a violent alter ego Known as Slim Shady. This alter ego allowed him to lyrically express his depression. Minem would soon be evicted from his home so he traveled to Los Angeles to perform in the 1997 rap olympics. Although he placed second, a member of interscope records that was in attendance of the olympics sent a copy of shady’s recently released Ep “Slim SHady Ep” to the ceo of the company who eventually passed on the tape to rap mogul And Eminem’s idol Dr Dre.. Who received A Lot of hate for signing a white rapper. Dre stuck up for him and continued to pursue him any way.By February of 1999 Eminem Released “The slim shady LP” which would eventually become Quadruple Platinum.The “Marshalls Mathers Lp was released in May 2000 And sold over 1,760,000 copies in just the first week, Breaking Snoop Dogg’s record for Fastest selling Solo Album. Eminem’s latest music was just put out January 2018, “River” featuring Ed Sheeran, which sold 197,000 sales in the first week. Eminem has had a huge effect on the rape game and its history and rap today. He find peace through brutally honest lyrics. He was called the king of Hip-Hop by Rolling stones.He also became the first hip hop artist to win 3 grammys for 3 consecutive albums.  Eminem introduced a dark style of rap.                                         He also started a new style of rap he would only Rhyme in an even number of verses Which is a technique most rappers use today. Obviously eminem has earned a spot as one of the greatest rappers of all time.    Let me ask, When you think of rap/hip-hop history what are some names you think of? No matter who you are where your from or how old you are i can guarantee that everyone will have one similar answer Tupac shakur.In 2pac’s early career as a rapper he was known as MC New York. He started recording in 1987 but  he wasn’t noticed until the 90s when he performed in digital underground “same song” from the soundtrack to the film that was released in 1991 “nothing but Trouble”. The song was released a few years later and it was the lead song of the “This is an EP release” EP. Later Pac would go on to land a #11 spot on the top 100 billboard for his track “I get around” Which featured Shock- G and Money-B from Digital Underground.In November of 1991 pac released his debut solo album 2pacalypse now, which at the time didn’t have any top 10 tracks it is now appreciated by many critics for it’s underground vibe. Many rappers have claimed this album as their inspiration.In february of 1993 Shakur struck big with his “Breakout album” “Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z…” . The album peaked at 24 on the top 200 BIllboards. For the remainder of ’93 Pac would link with Some of his closest friends To Form the group “Thug Life”. The group would only release 1 album “Thug Life: Volume 1” It went on to be certified gold. The year 1995 was most likely the greatest year for 2Pac with the release of “Me Against The world”. This album is still recognized as one of the greatest Hip-Hop songs Ever. The album won Best rap album at the 1996 Soul train music awards. Another 1995 achievement was Pacs “All Eyez On Me” which would turn out to be the best selling 2pac album ever.It went on to be certified platinum 5x in just 2 months and after 3 years it was certified 9x platinum.The album also won the 1997 soul train awards As of right now 2pac is just above Eminem as the Best selling rap artist of all time but it is most likely that eminem will surpass Shakur if he just puts out 3 more albums.