When noticed that Global Health is not focused

When referring to Global Health the first thing it comes to the mind is any disease. It would be easier if people, the government, and scientists focus on these diseases but some of them have their origin because of the climate change. I noticed that Global Health is not focused only on diseases but other things that are linked to. As I mentioned before, the Climate Change had brought many problems to the health, but also in economics, and the environment, just for mention some. We can try to solve many of the world’s problems but if we do not know the origins of these, we will not able to see any change or improvements in our intention, as Dr. Tedros said to (WHO) “Our health is directly related to the health of the environment we live in. Together, air, water, and chemical hazards kill more than 12.6 million people a year. This must not continue.” It means that we have to concentrate on solving the climate change to have much improvement while continuing solving others problems related to it.The climate change will be the issue to try to solve in a long-term or at least to reduce the effects of it. The measures that will be taken on this plan can be insignificant but the easy ones to do instead of trying to convince all the leaders or presidents joining organizations to work together for this cause, maybe they believe it is not a real problem but people united can do better things.The plan will start in our home “USA” working with the public, it means the project will have in the citizens’ hands of this country. 2. Identify at least five (5) global health priorities that you consider to be important and are consistent with your philosophy. Justify each priority with a short statement that summarizes credible and relevant research findings from studies or data.Priority: To make people aware of climate change in the USA and maintain them informed about what they can do in their homes, outside of the house, and at work.Statement: The public do not know important things about  the climate change and how they can contribute to solving the problem, they are ignorant, and think they cannot make a big impact, and put the responsibility to the government and organizations  to take actions  because they are the only can solve it, but the real problem is the lack of information to the public about the climate change. The (UN) states “Change starts with you. Seriously. Every human on earth—even the most indifferent, laziest person among us—is part of the solution. Fortunately, there are some super easy things we can adopt into our routines that, if we all do it, will make a big difference.” If we spend money on the publicity of what they can do and they see it in their daily life and promoting conferences in schools or other places, it can make the public take action in their environment as the (Phx 350) does, a local organization(350.org 2018). In my personal experience, I had not heard much about contamination or air pollution and their effects when I was younger. People need to be educated about these global problems in their early years.Priority: A diet of low carbon; consuming intelligently.Statement: There is not much information but is known that the cattle raising is a serious contaminant, increasing CO2 more than the car emissions. “Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems, urgent action is required to remedy the situation,” said (UN)  senior (FAO) official Henning Steinfeld. Working hand to hand with the government and finding strategies to increase the production/cultivation of organic products(fruits and vegetables) since fewer chemicals will not make damage to the planet. Also, consuming products cultivated in our country would reduce the emission gases caused for the transport for bringing them to here. Priority: Reforestation in parks, houses, and specific places where the deforestation is being a problem.Statement: It is well known that plants and trees are main factors to reduce the CO2 and play a role when stabilizing the temperatures changes but as cities grow and the globalization, many places are being deforested and facing terrible transformations, killing the diversity that lives in. As UN (Un.org, 2018) declares “Deforestation causes 12-18 percent of the world’s carbon emission, losing our forests at an incredibly high rate, each year more than 13 million hectares.” Knowing the problem we have to act against the deforestation and protect the forest that remains in our planet making strategies to increase more green areas and reduce the toxic gases giving the opportunity to the public to participate in this work. “It is clearly recognized that combating climate change without slowing deforestation is a lost cause” declared the United Nations.Priority: Promoting the use of renewable energies.Statement: The bad air quality  is responsible for many of the respiratory diseases. The (Ecf.com, 2018) stated “Public health is affected by a whole range of environmental factors: airborne pollutants – causing namely respiratory diseases, allergies and cancer; unsafe environments” It is a fact that in some countries the air quality is being a real problem to society, especially in the big cities, the public now have to use types of equipment to clean their air or cover their nose to avoid inhaling the toxic gases in the air.At this point is necessary to work with the government to develop and increase sustainable life, motivating people the use of bicycles, it’s our problem and must face it reducing the car when it is not that necessary and make available non-pollution public transport. One of the possible actions to follow is the Hydrogen-Powered Tram developed in China(Greenpeace International, 2018).Priority: Provide funds to small or local organizations.Statement: Fortunately, there are many organizations working to stop the climate change but many of them are not in the public’s eyes and there are not enough funds to provide to them or nobody wants to support them because they are not recognized globally as other organizations, such as the UN, WHO, Greenpeace, UNESCO, The Treaty of Paris, and other government organizations. The reason to support these “small/local organizations” is to increase new and innovative ideas coming from “common people.” It is believable that small things can do great things. “The Solutions Project, Nature Conservancy, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and Environmental Defense Fund” will be the organizations to support. 3. Write a short summary (1 paragraph) of how you would spend $100 million addressing global health issues. Identify your main issue(s), target population(s), and specific action(s). The $100 million plan will take place in the United States, the reason to start in the USA instead other parts of the world is that we cannot solve the global problems if we cannot solve ours. The target population are the citizens, specifically young people since they are the future of this country and knowing more about global problems at an early age, it will be easier to raise awareness among the population. People have more power than they believe and asking for more solutions to the government would make the priorities already discussed a success. Global issues are not the problems of others are ours too and our responsibility is to work with the government to make a change.The plan is to start in our lives and teach people how to act against the climate change in their own environment(houses, at work and public areas) and adding more support to the public, increasing innovated technology to reduce the chemical emissions to the air.  The final step is to provide support to the small and local organizations that fight against the global problems. The main objective is to find the origin of our problems to solve it from the roots.4. Please provide a Reference List in APA format.World Health Organization. (2018). UN Environment and WHO agree to major collaboration on environmental health risks. United Nations Sustainable Development. (2018). Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World – Take Action to Achieve the SDGs!. Un.org. (2018). 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