When a cell phone rings in a movie
theater or at a Library, we are annoyed, but at least our lives are not at risk
of death. When we are driving, however, selfish cell phone users are more than
annoying: They are putting our lives at risk. We have all seen distracted
drivers texting and driving or talking on the phone they resemble drunk
drivers, swerving in the lanes, or running red lights. States have passed bills
to hopefully reduce the amount of texting drivers. Laws are needed because
people who drive while using their cell phones are never really paying
attention to what they are doing while driving which can end up getting someone
injured or even worse dead.

                        It is impossible to
decline the fact that cell phones have caused too many traffic related deaths
and injuries. Experts, public opinion all say driving while on the phone is
extremely dangerous. One out of Four accidents in the US are caused by texting
while driving, after a driver’s mind is taken off the road it takes a minimum
of three seconds for any road accident to occur. In the US the average speed is
about 55mph. Just taking 5 seconds to read a message or look at a phone means
that the driver has traveled the length of a football field without looking at
the road (Ameen). The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while
driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year (Snyder).

groups of people have said that traffic laws make legislation use unnecessary.
But this is not true. Every State has different laws when it comes to traffic
safety, because of this some distracted drivers can even get off with little to
no penalties or fines even if they cause a fatal accident. For example, A teen at
Massachusetts was convicted of homicide as a result of texting while driving
and was only given one year in prison (CNN Wire). In California the most amount
of money you can be charged for texting while driving is just $20, that is the
lowest amount of money in the entire country, but in Alaska if caught you will
be fined $10,000 and you must serve one year in prison (Raja Tasneem, Benjy Hansen-Bundy).
When we see certain types of driving the is reckless we wisely make special laws
and make those types of driving illegal. Running red lights, not stopping for a
school bus, and drunk driving these are all obvious examples we should make texting
and driving illegal. Laws that are passed in counties and towns have made a difference
but not enough to stop texting and driving altogether.

many bills have been introduced, there has not been any state law seriously restricting
use of the phones while driving mostly because of lobbying from cellphone companies.
Even though lobbyists say laws that regulate phones while in a car are unnecessary.
It has been proven to work, for example in Singapore it is illegal to use any form
of communication device while driving. In the first month alone accidents related
to texting and driving went down 75% (Carlos Victa). Over the years research and
common sense have shown us that it is impossible to drive a vehicle at any speed
while simultaneously looking down at a cell phone.


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