While the brides remain the cynosure of every Indian wedding, the day is just as special a day for the grooms. Unlike every bride, the groom requires minimal preparations for his big-day attire and can get ready in almost quarter the time taken by the bride for the same. However, there are plethora of things that a groom requires to keep a check on and prepare beforehand for his wedding day, which are often overlooked. To prevent any unpleasantly surprising situation take place on your nuptial, we have prepared a survival kit checklist for the groom. Here are 5 items that we believe every groom must keep handy on his wedding day-A handkerchief No groom looks handsome or photogenic with sweat on his face during the wedding ceremony. Weather and anxiety can both cause a groom to sweat more than usual and can not only ruin your look on your big-day, but can also give you an unpleasant odour. To remain on the safe side, it is crucial that a groom carries a handkerchief with him on his nuptial.

A CombIndian wedding ceremonies have never been a short affair. With all the exuberance and high-spirited nature of weddings, it is likely that the groom’s hair can mess up and may need to be set again. Having a tiny comb in the groom’s wedding survival kit is important so that his look remains intact throughout the nuptial ceremony. PerfumeThe wedding attire of a groom is most likely to be heavy, not just the cloth material but the embroidery over it tends to add a lot of weight to the apparel. With such a weighty outfit, it is certain that the groom will experience heavy sweating during his wedding ceremony, which can cause unsavoury odour.

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This is when your miniature perfume in the groom’s wedding survival kit comes handy. Basic wardrobe fixesIt is less likely that your sumptuous looking sherwani will cause any wardrobe related trouble to you, but the possibility of a button loosening up or getting a stain on your expensive attire still exists. We suggest that you keep the basic wardrobe fixes like a stain remover, a needle, and an extra button handy to fix it before it becomes noticeable to the guests.A lip balmEvery groom wants to look perfect on his wedding day and even in the photographs. A groom may have an on point look with everything right where it belongs, but with something as small as chapped lips are overlooked, the entire look turns from kingly to unpleasant. Keeping a lip balm as a rescue from chapped lips, in the groom’s wedding survival kit is important so that that he looks just as impressive as his bride-to-be.The kit must be handed over to someone approachable for the groom and it is important that the person remains in close proximity with the groom throughout the wedding ceremony.

It is always said that being preventive is better than facing an odd situation. While this is not as much of an effort, to prepare a wedding survival kit for the groom, it may save him from experiencing any embarrassment on his big-day.


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