While today’s burglary statistics show an overall decreasein burglary rates, thousands of homes (roughly 325,000) arestill being broken into every year – often in plain view, duringthe day. In fact, property crimes in 2017 resulted in lossesestimated at $14.3 billion. Police solve only 13% of reportedburglary cases due to lack of witness or physical evidence.This model eliminates the problem with high security in twoways. First is the breaking of house doors and next is breakingfrom roof top and underground tunneling thefts.

If any personstands in front of the house for more than a prescribed time itis sensed by a PIR sensor. Also a PIR sensor, a sound sensor, avibration sensor and a temperature sensor is present inside thehouse. If any of the sensors detects uneven activities a sms issent to the house owner and also the prescribed numbers and alive streaming is enabled to view the person. A sms to thepolice station along with the address and the map of the houseis provided by the house owner if the person is found guilty.II. EXISTING SECURITY ISSUESA. Reasons for proposal1) AUG 10 2016: The RBI was transporting Rs.

342 croreworth used currency notes from Salem to Chennai on threespecial coaches of Salem-Chennai Egmore Express train.Robbers took away Rs.5.75 crore, belonging to the ReserveBank of India (RBI), from the train in Tamil Nadu Mondaynight. Sources said that the robbers gained entry in the coachof Salem-Chennai Egmore Express by cutting an opening onthe roof of one of the coaches where boxes containing thecurrency were kept. The case is still open and no evidenceshas been found so far.

2) MAR 24 2017: Chennai- Burglars broke into ajewellery store at Palayamkottai in Tirunelveli district ofTamil Nadu and decamped with 60kg of gold jewellery worthcrores of rupees on Thursday night. Preliminary investigationsrevealed that the burglars gained entry into the three storeybuilding from the terrace. Tirunelveli city police sources havestated that the gang used a gas cutter to open the grille.  


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