White Collar, Political and Organized CrimeLucero ValenzuelaPSY 620January 24,2018White Collar CrimeWhite Collar crime is,” generally non-violent in nature and includes public corruption, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering, to name a few.”( What is white-collar crime, and how is the FBI combating it? (2016)It is usually identified as a crime that is committed to obtain financial gain. A white Collar crime that was famous is the Tyco Accounting Scandal that occurred in 2002. Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski, along with former CFO Mark Swartz, stole more than $150 million from the company. They were charged with stealing money from the company and they were charged and convicted to no less than 8 years and 4 months in prison.

Do I believe the punishment was justified? Yes, I believe that the punishment was fair and Worked for the amount of money and damage it cost to the company and its customers. Political CrimePolitical crime is defined as,” any crime that is judged to have been committed in order to harm the state, state’s government, or political system of a state.”(Politics and Crime,n.d)  A known political crime is that of former mayor of Detroit, Kwame M. Kilpatrick who was charged for corruption and sentenced to twenty five years. This is the harshest sentence for a political crime and there were many officials that also were charged and convicted at the same time and case as former mayor  Kwame Kilpatrick. He was charged with two dozen counts that included charges of racketeering and extortion. Do I believe the conviction was justified? Even though political crimes make me upset since they are elected officials that we vote for and trust I think the sentence might have been too harsh considering all the political crimes that go unpunished.

 Organized CrimeOrganized crime unfortunately has been around for many many years and even though it seems easy to catch the responsible persons it is but that. It’s hard to try and prove that one organized crime group did what they are being convicted of. Even though there are many organized crime groups that commit organized crimes the familiar case is that of John Gotti, Jr. Gotti  who was a mobster and leader for the Gambino crime family. He was famous for loan sharking, drug trafficking and making money off gambling. He was caught in 1992 after an extensive investigation and footage against him.

He was charged with racketeering and murder and sentenced to life in prison.. He later on died in jail in 2002. Do I believe his sentence was justified? Yes, he took someone’s life and I believe that should be paid by life in prison.

.ConclusionIn conclusion, no matter what type of crime is committed there is a law and that law needs to be followed or those individuals that break it need to be punished. Unfortunately there is not a guide book or exact sentencing for each type of crime a therefore it might vary from case to case.

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