WhitneySimmons is a fitness model and vlogger. She is from California, USA. WhitneySimmons became famous because of her Youtube channel in which she uploads herfitness and work out videos for women.  Notonly on Youtube but Whitney Simmons has also got fame on other social mediaapps like Instagram and Twitter.WhitneySimmons was pretty much active and joyful in her teenage. She also participatedin gymnastics for 11 years and anxiously wanted to become a cheer leader.

WhitneySimmons studied in Utah State University and graduated from there. She did allthe possible stuff to enter the cheer leading squad at her university andfinally was selected in the team.WhitneySimmons was dropped in the next year, she stressed out for so long and evenstopped eating properly.

After motivation of others, Whitney Simmons enteredthe gym again and started training there in order to make her normal likebefore.But now, WhitneySimmons is one of the most popular Youtube star and fitness motivations. Herreason of uploading videos of her fitness there is to inspire other women andgive them tips about building a well toned physique.

AboutHer:FullName: WhitneySimmonsBirth Day: 27 Feb, 1993Birth Place: CaliforniaAge: 24Birth Sign: PiscesNationality: AmericanProfession: Social Media StarSocialMedia Sensation:WhitneySimmons is surely a social media sensation and fitness freak. She is availableon different social media apps like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.Whitney Simmons is also a pet lover and has two dogs. Their names are Navy andIndigo.

There are multiple pictures available of her dogs on her Instagramaccount. She loves to take care of them so much.WhitneySimmons has got more than 900,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel where sheuploads her work out videos and helps others in building their dream physique.WhitneySimmons has got more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account. She lovesto lift weights and do other full body exercises. Whitney posts her day to daypictures on her Instagram account which attracts the viewer on the first sightand she always get positive comments in huge numbers. In spite of her videos,Whitney Simmons also uploads her cute and sexy pictures and selfies there whichare always loved by her followers.

WhitneySimmons has also got more than 48,000 followers on her Twitter account, whereshe tweets about her views and other reviews of brands. Whitney Simmons seemsto be very active on social media and always do nice stuff for her fans andfollowers and they all also love seeing her.BeforePopularity:WhitneySimmons created her Youtube channel on 15th May, 2015. First of all,she was not aware of the fact that she could become this popular in no time.Her content is so pure and greatly explained that because of it, her followersare increasing rapidly day by day. Whitney Simmons graduated from Utah StateUniversity.Lovefor Sports:As WhitneySimmons was quite active in her teenage, she had a good interest in sportsside.

The particular sport which inspired her the most was Gymnastics. WhitneySimmons got trained and did gymnastics for almost 11 years.Doing gymnastics is not a piece ofcake of everyone, not everyone has a perfect body to do this sport but WhitneySimmons has got a serious flexible body and is a genuine gymnast. Due to herthis ability, Whitney Simmons got interest in cheer leading at her college.FITNESS/ TRAINING:WhitneySimmons works out for her whole body instead of working on a particular part.Everyone has their favorite work out parts but she loves to work out for herwhole body to keep everything balanced. Following are the work out plans ofWhitney Simmons:WholeBody Workout:Ø Warm-upResistance Band StretchesØ BicepCurls Superset: 4 sets of 12 repsØ CrossBody Hammer Curl: 4 sets of 12 repsØ OneArmed DumbbellØ IsolatedCable Row: 4 sets of 12 repsØ OneArm Cable Row: 4 sets of 12 repsØ BicepRope Curls: 4 supersets of 12 repsØ RopeFace Pulls: 4 sets of 12 reps.

AbsSession:Whenit comes to abs training, Whitney Simmons always loves to work hard for theseabs exercises and always make sure for proper in take in order to keep thevisibility of her muscles alive. Whitney Simmons has herself made 2 workoutplans for abs, one is simple and other one is a bit tough but these exercisesshould be completed in a single session.1stis :  Plank with side toe taps Laying tuck ins Plank cross body toe touches  Alternativeleg lifts  Crunchwith hold2ndis: Plankwith up down jumps  Laying leglifts with alternating kicks on the way down  Plankcross body toe touch to spider crunch Alternatingleg lift to leg lift HollowholdLegsRoutine:Whitney Simmons feels that glute andquads are very important part of her workout sessions because they areresponsible for the beauty of her body.

Her leg routine is:Ø8reverse lunge to curtsy lunge: 3 sets of 8 repsØClosestance Romanian deadlift: 3 sets of 8 repsØShouldwidth Romanian deadlift: 3 sets of 8 repsØSquatto extension: 3 sets of 15 repsØSingleleg stiff leg deadlift on each leg: 3 sets of 10 repsFitnessMotivation:AsWhitney Simmons’ parents were also in to fitness.One day when she came back home, her parents saw her so stressed out then theyadvised her to put her steps into the gym again.Whitney Simmons was not much awareabout the pros of heavy work outs. She thought that by doing this, she willbecome so giant without realizing the fact that these weight lifting workoutsare so much beneficial for her being a girl.Her parents somehow motivated her tostart working on her fitness again. When Whitney Simmons did these workouts inherself, she was amazed by getting the perfect results as she always wanted.Relating her gym work out with her past, Whitney Simmons claims that theseexercises at the gym were her physical and mental Therapy. MotivatingOthers for Fitness:Whitney Simmons focuses most of hertime in creating useful tips and guides for other women.

She shares herdifferent workout sessions on her Youtube channel, in order to motivate otherpeople by showing them her exercise plan through which she has managed to buildher dream physique.As Whitney Simmons loves to work onher glutes and abdominals, she dreams to build a sexy and attractive physique.She wants to build a figure like this, in order to inspire other women and thatthey also push themselves hard in the gym. Whitney Simmons lifts normal weightsat the gym. She does not do heavy weight lifting as she thinks that normalweighted dumbbells and barbells help her to build her desired body and shebelieves in attractive body rather than being bulky and huge.DietPlan:When Whitney Simmons was in her deepstress and depression days, she could not eat properly and anything healthy.But after joining the gym back, Whitney started to eat healthy and tookcomplete care of her proper nutrition. She wanted to be in shape, well tonedand build her body, so she made a diet plan and sticked with that.

TakingProteins:Whitney Simmons is a big fan ofprotein shakes and bars. While working, she likes to take some protein. Herfavorite protein bar is Chocolate brownie bard which are made by multiple brands.She feels that by having these, she gets the required amount of whey proteinand can kill her desires of eating unhygienic food / snacks. Routineof Meal:Ø  Breakfast: Almond butter on rice cakesØ  Egg omelette of just albumen withspinach and cheeseØ  Whey Protein Shake with BCAA’sØ  Lunch: Chicken breast salad with Caesardressing and almond butter cookiesØ  Fish with Vegetables ( Broccoli carrots andcauliflower) and riceØ  Less calorie ice creamStruggleof WhitneySimmons Shows:A person should never lose hopes nomatter what happens in their life. A person should try more and more in orderto achieve their desired goal. This also helps a person to overcome theirstress and problems.

Whitney Simmons despite of notselecting in the cheerleading team, worked out hard to achieve her dreamfitness and she managed to get it. She feels that this fitness regime proved tobe a therapy of her depression and it is the only place where she normalizesher problems and works harder for her body, both at the same time.Because of Whitney Simmons’ harkwork, she has now got her dream fame and she is now one of the most popularInstagram star and Fitness model in the current era. People follow her andchoose her as their inspiration and motivation while working out in the gym.


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