WHO provide employment though small scale tourism initiatives.

WHO WE ARE”Virasat Experiences” deliver innovative, exclusive tours  that reveal  ‘Real India ‘. We offer unique travel experiences ranging from Heritage Walking Tours to organizing Private Dinners with local host families ; Rural Village excursions, to designing special interest Workshops and Customized Tours We are passionate about bringing you the most inspiring memories – hear about the popular legends , learn about the native  customs and traditions, meet and engage with locals ,explore the remote village communities and be inspired by the beautiful country side. Sounds Interesting? join in on our carefully crafted tours and witness the true flavours of Rajasthan. Our team of experienced, professional and knowledgeable explorers will uncover  the secrets of our home land beyond the customary sightseeing and popular tourist attractionsOUR PHILOSOPHYCommunity Based Tourism – At Virasat Experiences we encourage travellers to meet other people , to get acquainted with local culture – to interact and share experiences with locals.      We are committed to promote community based tourism and   rural tourism initiatives in India in alliance with NGO’s, grass-root development agencies and organizations. To promote and encourage the preservation of living heritage, culture and the architectural wonders of India,to empower local communities and provide employment though small scale tourism initiatives. Responsible Tourism- Erosion of cultural traditions,loss of biodiversity and poverty .These are some of the global challenges , which at the same time are specific to the regions that we operate. Cultural and Environmental preservation are the core of our approach.We create commercial tourism operations to facilitate sustainable development along with effective ecosystem management.We emphasise the need to create opportunities for locals, specially from Tourism,which until now has barely benefited the local indigenous communities Supporting Positive Development– A fair percentage of our profits are channelized towards social and environmental development.The idea  is to assist poor rural and urban population  into more secure and independent community through  judicial use of natural resources, green energy resources, Self Help Groups and  creating micro enterprises. Heritage WalksThrough our carefully designed  “walking Tours ” we aim to bring alive all the diverse elements of city’s living  heritage. Whether  traditional  temples, monuments and building , or living craft and culture , or tradition cuisines like  sweets making . The entire heritage of people, culture and architecture becomes appealing through the process of walking leisurely and engaging with the community  along our City Walks. Our unique walking tours will present you  a rare glance into the rich history and culture of these  fascinating cities , that only walking can give.Sounds Interesting ! Join us to visit hidden temples loaded with beautiful historic  painting , meet  master craftsmen at work and feast on the best street  food!Besides the featured Walking Tours ,   we can also arrange various theme-based walks, such as : Birdwatcher’s Walk, Photographer’s Walk, Shopaholic Walks and Food Lover’s Walk… … and more limited only by your imagination! Guided City ToursWelcome to Virsat Experiences , a great way to explore the Pink City of Rajasthan!Jaipur has a lot to offer to visitors – dazzling forts and palaces, art and textiles, colourful people and vibrant bazaars. Squeezing it all into a short trip is not easy – but with  Virsat Experiences you can now have the pleasure of a customized tour, at your convenience!We offer personalised  Guided tours by Car /Coach  for independent travellers, and   wonderful walking toursOur Tour Guides are knowledgeable professional who takes great pride in  thier city , who know the city intimately, and enjoy showing it to visitors.Come with us, and discover a city where the old ways of life are still visible. To book a tour, please write toPrivate Dinner/ Cooking ClassesWe organise interactive Cooking  Lessons , where cooking is taught by charming local host family . It is a 2-3 hour demonstration in the kitchen whereby the family  shares some of their  favourite dishes . The cooking lessons are  very elementary and it will give an idea to all the learners how to cook a basic  yet delicious Indian meal,Our intention is to offer our guests an insight into the psyche of Indian cooking and once basic knowledge and experience is gained, it will be possible to cook many other types of dishes using different combinations of Spices .Menu can be flexible respecting your dietary requirementsA great way to submerge into the local culture!Starting point: Call us for directions to the host family home Tour Departs Daily : Between 06: 30 PM Onwards Workshops1)      Block PrintingVirasat Experiences offers its guests the opportunity to learn textile block printing as taught by traditional artisans. A majority of the brilliantly-coloured and printed cotton fabrics of Jaipur – for which the city is justly famous – are a product of this block printing craft.At   At this workshop you will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the traditional work environment of the artisans, where master craftsmen will introduce them to the processes of washing, dyeing, color fixing, block carving, printing, and textile finishing.Blue PotteryThe art of making blue glaze pottery came to Rajasthan via Kashmir, their entry point into India. The name comes from the eye-catching Persian blue dye used to color the clay. The Jaipur blue pottery, made out of Egyptian paste, is glazed and low-fired. Some of this pottery is semi-transparent and mostly decorated with flower,  animal and bird motifs Enamel JewelleryEnamelling is the techniques of fusing coloured glass and metal. The most extraordinary enamel work of India is MEENAKARI, the enamel of champleve technique. The shaped piece is then to the designer,who outlines the pattern and gives it to the engraver. He, in turn engraves the area to be enameled and even engraves the fine outline to hold the enamel,as well as creates hatching to reflect light from the gold/Silver through the translucent enamel colour, so that they  appear as shimmering precious stones.De  Depnding upon your interest and time we can organize  Enamelling  workshop with a president awarded artist ranging from 1 day to 1 weekMiniature Painting Miniature Painting A host of schools of miniature painting thrive in Rajasthan and, to a certain extent, they are a quaint mixture of Mughal and indigenous Indian styles. The Indian style dates back to 11th century The aim of our workshop is to create an awareness of this form of miniature painting , showcase the intricacies of the art form and demonstrate the skill and techniques involved in creating these paintings.