Why Utah Has ArchesBy: Bentley Strong Long ago, when our scientists think Earth was still forming, Earth was already complete. It was exactly as we know it, except what we know as desert Utah today was a beach. They called the blue body of water, the Balie Ocean, after she found it. Who, might you be asking, am I talking about? Well, our scientists also think we evolved from monkeys and chimpanzees.  Anyway, we actually evolved from humans. There is two little things that make us different. Well, a few big things. They were giant. The average five year old, in their size, was ten feet! Other than size, the girls were the ones who had the dominant gene. They usually got into fights about things as little as who was the leader of their ‘clique’. They were also very self-conscious. I’m not talking about, “Jenny, that wasn’t very nice of you to say that. Please don’t say that again,” I’m talking about, “Jenny, I bet twenty dollars that you’ll go unconscious from what I’m about to do,” The girls had some problems. We will, without them knowing, watch what they do. They, meaning a girl named Kansas (It’s ironic because she lived in what we call Utah) and a girl named MacKenzie. Kansas wore street casual, meaning she wore jeans and a tee shirt that said something like ‘Having an a-lazing day?’ or a plaid shirt. Her shoes were always tennis shoes, and she rarely wore jewelry or makeup. Her most prized possession was an orange jeweled and gold rimmed ring. It was the most expensive thing in her house, even more money than the house. Talk about overspending. MacKenzie, on the other hand, put on ten pounds of chemicals on her body on a normal day. Something as slight as a Halloween party, she dressed up as Matti Smith. (A famous singer at the time) Then put on her best gown and applied twenty more pounds of chemicals (meaning shampoo, conditioner, makeup, and other things) to her body. She usually put on designer clothes on an average glamorous day (as she said) which included leopard-print high-heeled boots with leather leggings and jacket, and a leopard-print tank top. She usually wore brown sunglasses to the beach. MacKenzie also wore jewelry a lot, including her identical expensive orange ring with a gold rim. The girls did not know they each had the same ring. They were part of the same clique, with two other girls named Jessica, who had long, straight brown hair. She wore nice jeans, and gold dangle hoop earrings. She liked to wear a tank top that looked like it was slashed by a tiger. Meaning, there were openings everywhere. There was a big slash in the back, and that one was her favorite. It’s just like it is now stylish to wear worn-down jeans. The other girl was named McKenna. She had golden brown hair, and perfect, straight white teeth. She wore a gray headband, with plastic gray cat ears attached. She liked to wear shirts that had to do something with cats. Her bottom wear was usually a frilly pink skirt. She liked to wear gray dress shoes with little pink bows. I will not narrate as we will be seeing from each point of view from them. We will start from McKenna’s point of view very first. Here we go.McKenna I walked down the beautiful beach, stopping once or twice to feel the gritty sand. It was a sunny day, and it felt like the sun has come out just for me since I love the sun. The beach is where I feel like I belong. I love the sound of waves crashing up onto shore. I know, even without looking, they are the most cheery color around for miles. I sit down on an out of place rock, the sharp edges piercing my golden skin. “McKenna! There you are. You hanging out by your sea?” I didn’t see Kansas coming, and I don’t want people feeling like I belong to the sea. It does feel like my sea, though. The only reason Kansas would know that I like to hang out by the sea is because she does too. She is wearing jeans, sneakers, and a plain old white shirt that I think doesn’t look right on her. The breeze, on the other hand, loves it and is making her appear like those girls in movies; Always gets the wind to match her hair perfectly, and always wears plain things.  “Sure. What brings you her?” I wonder. She doesn’t usually just come looking for me. She probably just came to tell me that there was a new girl around, or she got a new mint green shirt. She can be so boring when it comes to clothes. “The girls and I are going shopping. Want to come? You can pick out a pale green shirt that would bring out the light in you blue eyes,” She says. This is a change. Maybe MacKenzie suggested this. Yep, if anyone in our little group wanted to go shopping, it would be her. I wasn’t feeling like it, and I certainly didn’t want to spend my money. I had been saving up for seven months to buy something appealing. “Um, I don’t think I will like anything there. Remember, I have been saving up for something. I don’t want to spend my cash,” I replied. Oh, shoot. Now Kansas is going to go off again. She is stubborn as a bull, and so is MacKenzie. “But what are you saving up for? You’ve been saving up for most of the year, but you won’t even give a hint away! Is it a kitten? Some new shoes? Or perhaps it is… No. You wouldn’t! You even promised!” Kansas thinks I am saving up for something, but I’m just saving. I don’t even know what’s going on in that little brain of hers right now. “I’m saving up for nothing! Look, if it would make you feel better, I’ll go. But I’m only taking twenty bucks,” I replied. She wouldn’t back down if I hadn’t said that. This might make her bargain. She’s also a bargainer. Yep, she has that look on her face when she is about to change things. “What about… thirty? No, thirty-five. Then again… Take forty just to be safe,” She is really good at this. “I’m taking three hundred. Just to be safe,” Didn’t she just tell me that forty was ‘safe’? Then again, her ratio is higher than mine. For every dollar I bring to the mall, she brings $75.  “I’ll come. There’s a catch, though. You can’t bug me to buy anything. Got it?” I asked. I wanted to make sure she got the idea. “Got it! You know what, this is a special thing that you are taking $40 instead of your usual $20. I’m going home to get my ring. Go get ready!” She said as she ran off in the direction I assumed she came. I got off my rock and headed home to call Jessica, making sure this a thing instead of Kansas finding a reason to annoy me.Jessica I picked up the shiny black phone, and read the caller ID. It was McKenna, and I assumed she was calling to see if MacKenzie really suggested to go to the mall. There are times when Kansas bugged her just to get her to go to the mall when we weren’t going like she said. I picked up the phone. “Hey. You seeing is Kansas was fooling off?” I asked. I was pretty sure that was the case. She hesitated on the other side, and I wondered if I was wrong. “About that, I don’t really want to go. I told Kansas and she got excited, then ran home. What do I do?” I didn’t really know what to do at that point. Once you tell Kansas something, she sticks with it. If you try to do something different, she ‘reminds’ you of what you said. “You’re stuck. Just bring how much you said, and go window shopping. That may be the only option,” I couldn’t think of anything else at the time. Once you say something to Kansas, she sticks with it. I thought about how fun and colorful the mall was, and the question just slipped out of my mouth. “Why don’t like the mall? I mean, you can choose anything you want! It’s just like, you earn the money, you spend the money. That simple,” I couldn’t believe I said that. That was a something she didn’t like to talk about. Even to Kansas, who was her closest. She took a deep breath, and I realized she was going to tell me. “When I was about nine, my friends and I went to the mall. I went, thinking it was going to be fun and feeling older than I was. When we got there, one of my friends started acting mean to me. She made fun of my clothes, my shoes, my everything. My other friends joined in because she was like the leader of the group,” I realized why that would be a sore subject. “Well, MacKenzie wouldn’t do that. She would never make fun of someone, then dump them. They’ve got to be a real jerk to do that. I’m so sorry,” I said. That would hurt me too if someone suddenly, without warning, turned and the wannabes would follow. I would never go back after that. McKenna is a real sport. “What?” She said, confused. I repeated what I just said. “No, did you say MacKenzie was the leader of the group?” Now I was confused. She was, and that was the way it had been. She was my closest friend, like a mother that was the same age as me. “Um, yea. She’s always been the leader. Were you confused?”  “No, I’m not. Kansas is the leader. She’s the one who drags everyone into things. MacKenzie makes the ideas up, though,” She was wrong. I didn’t want to get into a fight, though. So I was going to end this. “Just stop telling lies. Let’s get ready to go. What are you going to wear? I’m going to wear jeans and my slashed shirt. Should I wear my giant gold hoop earrings or my heavy fake diamond? I think I should wear my hoops. What are wearing? And how much money are you bringing? Maybe you can find something you like!” When the line went dead, I knew that I asked too many questions. That’s just me. I got ready to go, then started to walk toward the mall.Kansas I’ve felt like I have been waiting at the mall for what seemed like an hour. I looked at all the sights and colors: greens and blues coming from an ocean themed store, shining gold from a jewelry place, the most amazing smell from that restaurant at the corner. The mall was the most exciting place to be. “There you guys are! I’ve been waiting for an hour! Where were you?” I asked. I was so excited to finally be back at the mall as a group, even though it was almost impossible to convince McKenna. “What took you guys so long? Whatever, let’s just get started shopping,” “Hey, Kansas, before we start, I just want to ask you one thing. Where did you get that ring?” Her voice was getting angry. I looked down at my precious ring. The sun reflected on its rim; the jewel glowed brighter than ever. I wondered why she was mad. “I got it from my mother. It’s really expensive, so I take good care of it,” Again, I wondered why it mattered. “That ring-” She was getting red-hot mad. “-is my ring. I will ask one time. Give it back,” She was mistaken. I was given this on my seventh birthday, at my birthday time, from the one who gave birth to me. “No. This is my ring. I’m not giving it to you. Let’s shop,” She was about to say something, but McKenna looked over at Jessica who nudged MacKenzie. Thankfully. I started looking and telling everyone about the pretty clothes. Of course, I’m the only one who think plaid shirts are cute. The jeans are on sale, and I have to go into the store.When I get into the store, I notice Jessica, McKenna and MacKenzie fighting. MacKenzie fires something at McKenna, and she runs off crying. Jessica yells at her, apologies, and hugs her. I quickly buy two pairs of denim skin-tight jeans and rush out to see what was the matter. “What is going on? McKenna is crying? Why?” I practically yell at them, because McKenna is really close to me. “You stole my ring, and McKenna was trying to defend your lies. You liar! Give it back or I’ll call the cops!” Oh. She still wasn’t giving up. I was debating what to do when McKenna pulled me into the purse store. “Don’t fall for it, Kansas. That ring is yours. I’m warning you, though. She said she might do something to your ring. Or it might have been plural. I didn’t quite catch it, though it probably didn’t matter. Want to shop for handbags? I’ll actually buy one. What about this one?” She held up a small tan bag. It had a long strap, and the design was alligator scales. I had to laugh. “Maybe this one?” I held up an ugly dark green bag that had neon blue zippers. “Only Matti Smith would where that bag,” I looked around, and saw some bags on display by the window. I walked over and held up a dull gold handbag to me. I knew it wasn’t me, but it was fun to see silly combinations. I looked around some more, and saw people walk around outside. They all were dressed in sun clothes or some sort of short clothes since it was summer. A lot of the teenage girls had purses. It was just then that I realized MacKenzie was gone.MacKenzie I rushed out of the mall as soon as McKenna pulled Kansas in. That brat. She said something like ‘Don’t hurt her, or call the cops. That was a present from her mother.’ Then I said something like ‘No, that was a present from the stealing part of her mind. Plus, are you really the girls’ friend? She’s a sad thief. That’s all she’ll ever be.’ One thing was for sure. McKenna is siding up with Kansas.  “What are we going to do?” Jessica is a good friend and took the victim’s side.  “I am going to have her restart her ring collection again.” I started in the direction of her house. Jessica followed me, and I waved hand in the direction the mall was. “Go back and don’t run into the thieves,” While she went that way, I went up to Kansas’s house. I rang the doorbell and waited. Her mother appeared in the doorway, and I suddenly understood why Kansas wore what she did. Her mother was wearing plain a plain white shirt, shoes and a dark blue headband on top of her blond hair. Her pants were the exact same color. Talk about a bland life. “May I help you?” She asked. “Yes. Kansas left her money. She told me where it was while she looked at some purses,” She didn’t look convinced, but she still let me in. I ran up to her room and stuffed all her rings in my pocket. They were all gold rings, but different sizes and thicknesses. She is really boring in all things you wear. “Thank you,” I said to her mother as I headed out the door. Then I went to the beach and found some fresh gooey mud. I stuck the rings in the mud, only so half of the ring was showing. I did this every few inches to the rest of her rings. I was wondering how to get my ring back. I put my hand in my pockets as I walked back and felt something so I pulled it out. I was hoping it was my ring, but it wasn’t.  As I headed back to the mall, I heard Kansas. I got really mad. I started to jog to get to her faster, but then I realized she had left the purse store and moved to the leather glove part. She laughed with McKenna, then moved to the earrings. I was about to reach her when I saw her ring in one of the gloves. Apparently that glove was too tight, I thought. I took it and went back to the beach. Now this one made me mad. Therefore, I threw it as far as I could into the water. As soon as I had done it, I realized what I had just done to my ring. I went back to the mall. “Sorry, guys,” I said as soon as I saw Kansas. She had a weird look, but she threw her arms around me and said sorry a million times. I smirked, knowing what I had done. She will never know, not even her descendants. That was a mistake to think that, though. Of course, we, descendants from the giants, have found arches. That, my friends, is how arches were formed.


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