Why is teamwork important for an organization nowadays? Teamwork makes members get together to overcome difficult and any problems. It means it is made easier to get success than the individual. For instance, sports competition always has a high demand on the physical strength and skills of the players, so the fittest and strongest teamwork enjoy the biggest advantages. For them, the chances of winning are much bigger than those of their weak opponents.

To do that, a leader needs to motivate their employees, listen to them, connect with them, and support them when they need it. A good leader must according to the different skill of people and give them a different assignment. For example, a staff is good at communicating and have a very nice smile, I think that leader will let him responsible for public relations.

Everyone has different ability and character, take full advantage of their merit and try to avoid their shortcoming. Leader’s job is to maximize the value of every employee. In a word, a leader is a core in an organization.Leadership is very important. Firstly, a good leader provides motivation and inspiration for a group. They often tend to though punish and award to come true his leadership. Whether they are supporting a group member, providing mentoring, or rallying the collective to bigger and better things, leaders can push a team to achieve things they did not know were possible.

Motivation can divide into extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation comes from outside reward like rewards, grades. For example, in my life, I have a teacher who is strict for us. He gives us a very tough assignment and quiz, we are worried about that how to get a better score. So, we tried our best to do it and harder than last time. In order to encourage us, he gives us the bonus on a quiz and a higher score on assignment if let him see the positive attitude through our efforts.Intrinsic motivation comes from inherently self-motivation in psychology.

For instance, there are also a lot of mental factors involved in sports. Willpower can never be overstressed in events like the marathon, the Tour de France, mountaineering, etc. that are both time and energy consuming. Without a strong will, it is difficult to even finish the matches. Also, whether it is for entertainment or for a contest, mental attitudes can greatly affect the performance of the players, especially in crucial moments. There have been numerous cases where dark horses that beat seed players or ousted famous teams with much higher rankings, of which a major explanation was that the supposedly weaker ones had nothing to lose so they did their best, while the assumed advantageous parties were nervous or afraid of losing their titles and therefore failed to demonstrate their grooves. Of course, self-importance is also a successful path towards debacles even for the best individuals and teams.

Therefore, the sportsman who has a great mental state can overcome themselves and got a great grade. Now that you know who they are and how to motivate them.Moreover, effective leadership can help guide the direction of a group. With different people working in different capacities, it is easy for a group to fall out of touch and not realize how their work might be interacting with other people’s efforts. Effective leadership can aid in the delegation of duties and streamline of activities, improving the efficiency of a team and their overall productivity. Thirdly, some people work together, maybe have disagreed or conflict with each other.  And it will delay job schedule or bring bad influence as a result.

A good leader will be able to step in when necessary to mediate interpersonal conflict, serving as an objective force pushing parties to some form of compromise or reconciliation.By this presentation, leadership is all about getting people consistently to give their best, helping them to grow to their fullest potential, and motivate them to work toward a common good. Leaders make the right things happen when they are supposed to. A good leader, an effective leader, is one who has respect. Motivation will push everyone to work together.


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