William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was debated the leading advocate for African Americans in the early to mid 1900s. He was highly educated compared to not only African Americans but all Americans at the time. He was the first African American to receive a PhD. from Harvard.

Du Bois spent most of his life fighting for equal treatment for Africans Americans. He was one of the founder of the NAACP and its leading figure. His messages were an inspiration to African Americans and pushed not only the government to make a change but rather all Americans.    Du Bois words and writings were an inspiration to all African Americans and people of color. Any message or public figure at this time pushing for equality between Africans Americans and whites would gain popularity at the time. Du Bois was bitter and sarcastic toward whites and pushed African Americans to find pride in themselves.

Even though Du Bois was a creator of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People he had expected and pushed for more than just integration of African Americans into society. He became an advocate of the African American nationalist strategy. He wanted African Americans to be able to control institutions, schools, and economic cooperatives.

This desire that African Americans need more than integration gained Du Bois more popularity among African Americans. Du Bois inspired African Americans to not be upset to be referred to as “negroes”. He tells them to be proud of their ancestors. He talks about what would happen if you changed the name “Negroes” to “Cheiropolidi” for example. He says that people will still despise African Americans no matter what their name is, names are for identifying things. He goes on to say that changing the name won’t do anything and that the feeling of inferiority is in African Americans and how they need to change their attitudes.    Du Bois posed a threat to not only the United states government but also to the ideology of the people of the time that thought that African Americans were inferior.

“Du Bois was a member of the Socialist party” (NAACP HISTORY: W.E.B. DUBOIS).

What shows most that the Government thought he posed a threat was that he was tried and acquitted as an agent of a foreign power (NAACP HISTORY: W.E.B. DUBOIS).

He even ran for a U.S. Senate seat under the American Labor Party, which was organized by old-line Socialists. He traveled the Russia and China and even joined the Communist party of the United States, in 1961 which was right in the middle of the cold war (NAACP HISTORY: W.


Du Bois was already a public figure at this time, of course spreading socialist/communist ideas during this time would pose a threat to the government. Du Bois also posed a threat to the establishment of traditional American views of African Americans. Du Bois campaigned against the white supremacist beliefs that blacks were inferior than whites. He posed a threat to the institution because he didn’t only want integration for African Americans but rather for them to be able to step up and lead schools, organizations, and companies. He wanted to change the institutional beliefs of America and push for rights for African Americans    Du Bois writings had a huge impact on African Americans and the American people of the time. He was a leading civil rights activist of the early 20th century. His writings were popular during his time, pushing for equal treatment between all races.

He pushed for better treatment of African Americans from the government and white people. He pushed for African Americans to realize their inner worth and be proud of their ancestry. Today Du Bois is an inspiration to people of all people. Pushing all people to fight for the equal treatment of all people. Being the first African American to receive a PhD from Harvard his is an inspiration to African Americans to be the first of their families to be the first in their families to attend college or receive a higher level of education. Du Bois will go down in history as one of the most well known civil rights activists.


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