With the purpose of having a fascinating relationship, it should be built with an unwavering foundation or else it will not prevail. There comes a time when women left at the onset of a relationship for a fact that they have sensed that something is amiss. This occurrence always makes men dumbfounded, speculating on what they had done to be deserted by their women.

 Listed below are the most prevalent slip-up that men commit at the inception of a relationship that makes a woman deserting them.  Giving more focus on Sex Women might get you wrong when you are more focused on sex even at the start of your relationship. Bear in mind that a sane woman never wanted to become a sex object. You will be making her scuttle away if you make her feel that way.                             You are a Philanderer No woman in her right mind would linger in a relationship when she knows her man is flirting with other women. Majority of the female species stick to the principle “My Man Alone.” So, if you flirt with other ladies right at the start of your relationship; she will assume that you are not serious about your relationship. For that, she will arrive at a conclusion that you are a two-timer enough reason to leave you.

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 Being Manipulative When she accepted you to be his boyfriend, she never expects that you are going to manipulate her life. She is your girlfriend, not your servant. Majority of women could not stand the idea of manipulation. Having noticed this manifestation she will leave you without hesitation.

 Not Committed Right from the start of the relationship women would demand a commitment from you. Sensing that you are not serious with your relationship would cast doubt upon you; thus, sending her away. Being Insensitive   Women by nature are very sensitive; understanding her feelings are a sign of compatibility. When she noticed that you are insensitive to her feelings, she would think that you don’t care for her. This will cause trouble in your relationship that would soon make her leave you.                                                                                                                                You ex-Factor  When starting with a relationship, it is always a rule that you should never include your exes or your past relationship to any conversation. Regularly talking about your past relationship will cast a cloud on your new relationship. She might think that you haven’t moved on yet; thus scaring her away.

 Do not make her your option Every woman needs to be a priority, not an option. It is essential to make her feel as if she is the most important thing in your life. If she feels that you are just taking her for granted even at the onset of your relationship she will automatically think twice; to leave or stay.  Superficial love The majority of the female species wants to feel special and be loved truly.

Superficial love will send her away. If you want to have a longlasting relationship with her, it is essential that you must let her feel secure at the beginning of your relationship. Show her that your love is pure and sincere; if, you cannot do that then let her go 


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