With the trend of renting your basement, many are turning to opening a side entrance or even planning a separate entry into their basements.

 Whether you have a newly built, recently renovated, or an existing basement that you don’t utilize as often, you may capitalize building a side entrance to permit direct access to your basement. You may also create privacy for your growing children, so they can live with you, and at the same time, have their own privacy. When you need a to create a side-door entrance to your basement from outside or even create an entrance within your home, New Trend Home is your quickest way to achieve that. Where precision matters the name of New Trend Home Comes to mind. It is not easy to create a side-door entrance or an entry to your basement within your home.  Many factors need to be considered before cutting into the crud structural components of your house.

It requires a thorough knowledge of building codes and structural elements. Furthermore, it needs to be engineered according to the opening, span and loads from above. Additionally, significant consideration of deflection and vibration factor must be taken into account. We agree that creating a side-door entrance is a great concept and profoundly inspire everyone to try it; of course, if that’s what they desire. However, you need the right professionals to properly assess each wall.

For example, the material that the wall was built of (brick/stone/block) on the exterior surface or inside the wall; the structure around and within each wall; the load it carries; the angles and size of openings; as well as the location where the opening leads to. Only then determine how to open the entrance into the basement. There are far too many things that can go wrong, and potential liabilities to not only your property but to others involved in the labor. New Trend Home is fully licensed and insured, so there is nothing for you to worry about.At New Trend Home, our services are specially created in a way that leads to extraordinary results. From the beginning, our specialists work together with clients warranting each phase concluded with utmost satisfaction and precision.We honor our promise.

Once you consult our experts we analyze the requirements and provide you an explicit quote without any hidden costs.For New Trend Home, every project is unprecedented and one-of-a-kind; as a result, we listen, very carefully, to your particular specifications and design that perfect plan of action.  No surprises, No hassle, Simple process, Cost less than a mess. 


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