With the proliferation of technologies, especially the Internet, social networking has become ubiquitous in the modern world. Social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are the impetus that is ever facilitating rapid creation and exchange of ideas to promote and aid communication. Humans interact by being social, therefore sociology analyses the changes in the social trend. Understanding the sociological perspective on the effects of social media, we find that the social aspect has changed. Comparing the past and present status of our society, it is obvious that there has been a transformation which all points towards the evolution of social media. Social media has changed our culture and has impacted on the way people meet, interact and share ideas; it has changed the perception of how people should communicate with the society. Social interactions have been defined to be an exchange among individuals with the aim of strengthening the society.

Social interaction is building block in every society when people meet and interact; they define rules, systems, and institutions in which they will live by. On the other hand, social media is known as a platform that allows people to network and socialize through applications and websites that have been innovated. Though social media could be used as a useful tool to communicate with friends, family and even with people you do not know, however, researchers show that social media is absolutely harming human’s skills to have interaction effectively with people and it is affecting our interpersonal skills. Social media is one of the innovations resulting from the technological shift. We are going to analyze impacts of social media on social interactions.

Moreover, integration of social media to the factors that shape our society such as ethnicity, race, gender and social class, we find that social media has changed the manner in which these aspects are perceived (Fischer and Reuber  2011). It is important to understand the different platforms that enhance interaction. These are; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and WhatsApp, we will find that these platforms have allowed people to meet, socialize and share opinions and ideas regarding every aspect of a society in politics and business. Yet, there are both positive and negative impacts regarding social media and social interactions.            According to  Haythornthwaite, “Communication has been enhanced through social media in the sense that it has become easier to pass information to a large number of people within the shortest period of time”(2005). In other words, communication became easier than ever before, people are more engaged in social media thus, it is easy to publish information to a big crowd of people. For instance, taking Egypt’s revolution in 2011 and how it started on social media then it became a huge revolution. Also, marketing has been enhanced through communication via social media.

Social media has provided more tools to purchasers to engage in social interaction on the internet the advancements in the internet in current years have made new systems to be had in the commercial enterprise. For instance, Amazon is one of the websites that has enhanced the communication, you can easily communicate with the seller and ask questions about the products. Politics, on the other hand, have taken advantage of social media, taking Donald Trump into consideration and how his tweets are reaching a crowd of people. Moreover, Social media has enhanced relationships among people who meet and date through these media platforms, in fact, according to the report “Relationship between the level of intimacy and lurking in online social network services” that was published by the Department of Industrial Engineering, this report states,”Computer mediated communication (CMC) allows individuals to have an interactive exchange of communication through technological devices. CMC is a way in which people are developing relationships online, often without the visual and oral cues that face-to-face communication would deliver” (Rau, Gao, & Ding, 2008; Whitty, 2007).

In other words, you do not have to be talking face to face with someone in order to develop your relationships with people; so many things that have changed our society with the help of social media. Social media has improved the way people interact, take for example Facebook; it has allowed people from different diversity to meet and interact online. Facebook is one of the platforms with over one billion of people globally. It is also a platform that is most active, especially when it comes to things that happen in our society.

People meet and share opinions, ideas, and comments on Facebook. This has resulted in an interactive platform that allows people from different background, class, ethnic groups and gender to come together and share both positive and negative critics regarding certain issues globally. Twitter, on the other hand, is one of the platforms that have attracted people of a certain social class. It is a platform used to share information such as emergency, mostly, Twitter has been used to share critical information regarding to happenings across the world. In most cases, Twitter has been used to criticize political grounds, celebrities and other highlights that need national and international attention. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has been used as a professional platform that attracts all professionals globally. It has allowed people to network, especially in terms of career and development.

WhatsApp is also another platform that has enhanced communication among the people in the contact list. It has enabled people to easily communicate and organize for various activities. There different types of social media there are some that used to connect with other individuals such as WhatsApp, some are to connect you with people such as Facebook, Twitter, others are known as media sharing such as YouTube, Instagram. Overall, different type of social media is designed to meet people’s needs and also to enhance communication in one way or another.


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