Withthe rise of life-threatening weather events taking place across the world andinsurance claims amassing into the billions, there is an ever-increasing pushto try and alleviate the effects of climate change.Followingthe recent devastating effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma which struck theUS and shortly followed by Hurricane Maria which wrought havoc across theCaribbean. These catastrophic events cost insurers billions. But the questionthat needs to be asked is, are these storms simply a probable natural occurrenceor indications of worse to come in terms of accelerated climate change? “Paterson,M 2001” discusses that severe storms such as ‘HIM’ (Hurricane Harvey, Irma andMaria) results in claims amassing billions of pounds. The probability of theseclaims increasing in the future is something the insurance industry, andsociety, needs to start thinking about and preparing for now. The constructionindustry should be aware of the need for more wind-resistant construction inspecific areas, especially in the most exposed countries.  Anotherprime example on how climate change is affecting property insurance is the ever-increasingforest fires that are destroying homes and taking lives across dry countries.

In October 17 & December 17, two forest fires known as ‘The Thomas fire’ and’Tubbs Fire’ spread across California. These devastating wild fires torched inexcess of 5,600 structures which makes it the most destructive wild fire inCalifornia history. Irfan,U 2018 explains that several natural factors have joined this year to add tothe destruction.

Following many years of drought, the rainiest winter onrecord, feeding a bumper crop of trees, grasses, and shrubs throughoutCalifornia, human actions ignite the vast majority of wildfires, and climatechange is deteriorating which contributes to forest fires throughout the UnitedStates. As a result, fires have become more treacherous, and more catastrophicblazes are in store for the state. 


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