With a goal to connect Rural India by enhancing digital
proficiency and providing rapid internet networks the Prime Minister of India
Sh. Narendra Modi launched Digital India on July02, 2015. Digital India remains for changing India into a digitally
enabled learning economy. It is an activity of administration of India to
incorporate the Government Departments and the general population of India. Digitalization
will change the lives of individuals from multiple points of view and will
engage the general public in a superior way. It portrays the distinctive
chances of the program for the general population of the nation. It goes for
guaranteeing that the Government administrations are influenced accessible to
natives to electronically by decreasing paper work. The Digital India drive is
a dream errand of the Indian Government to overhaul India into an educated
economy and digitally empowered society, with incredible organization for
nationals by obtaining synchronization and co-arrangement open duty, digitally
interfacing and passing on the organization undertakings and organizations to
collect the capacity of data innovation crosswise over government offices. The
study has been carried out to understand the Digital India concept, vision
associated with Digital India, Opportunities and challenges faced and role of
government and investors for making Digital India a success campaign.

Keywords: Digital India, Vision, Role, Internet access, Opportunities
and challenges.



1.)  AN

We are
living in field of innovations and digital world. The digital world is where
the most ideal utilize is made of digital innovations. A battle propelled by
the government of India named digital India crusade is to enhance online system
by enhancing the web network, this program is to give simple online taxpayer
supported organizations to the residents of India and furthermore to enhance
the mechanical part of India by engaging web net web in the nation.

Technologies which incorporate Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications have
risen as impetuses for quick monetary development and subject strengthening
over the globe. Digital advances are as a rule progressively utilized by us in
regular daily existences from retail locations to government workplaces. They
help us to interface with each other and furthermore to share data on issues
and concerns looked by us. Now and again they likewise empower determination of
those issues in close continuous.

The goal
of the Digital India Group is to turn out with inventive thoughts and
commonsense answers for acknowledge Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s
vision of a digital India. PM Modi imagines changing our country and making
open doors for all residents by tackling digital advances. His vision is to engage
each subject with access to digital administrations, learning and data. This
Group will think of strategies and best practices from around the globe to make
this vision of a digital India a reality.

extremely ingenious program, the digital India crusade was propelled on first
of July’2015 in nearness of different best industrialists like Tata bunch
administrator Cyrus Mistry, RIL executive and overseeing chief Mukesh Ambani,
Wipro director Azim Premji and so on at the Indra Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi.

digitally develop the nation and enhance the IT foundation of the nation,
digital India is one of the greatest advances at any point taken. Worth more
than rupee one lakh crore is contributed to reveal this program by propelling
different plans of the digital India crusade, for example, digital locker,
national grant entry, e-wellbeing, e-training e-sign, and so forth.

A meeting
was held, where different thoughts were shared, thoughts identified with
digitalization of the nation, bringing out web unrest between the majorities of
the nation. Within the sight of different data innovation organizations,
various occasions were held to wrap 600 regions of the nation under this
present crusade’s overlap.

India comprises of the three main components which are as under:


Digital Infrastructure

deliver services digitally

government of India is intending to make 28,000 seats of BPOs in different
states and set up no less than one Common Service Center in each of the gram Panchayats
in the state. The 2016 Union spending plan of India declared 11 innovation
activities including the utilization information examination to catch impose
dodgers, making a generous open door for IT organizations to work out the
frameworks that will be required. Digital Literacy mission will cover six crore
rustic family units. It is wanted to associate 550 agriculturist advertises in
the nation using technology. Out of 10% English speaking Indians; just 2% live
in country zones. Lay everybody relies upon their vernacular dialect for all
living their lives. Notwithstanding, starting at now, email locations must be
made in English dialect.

associate provincial India with the Digital India, the Government of India
induced email administrations supplier monsters including Gmail, office and
Rediff to give the email address in territorial Languages. The email supplier organizations
have given positive hint and are working in the same process. An Indian based
organization, Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd, has propelled world’s initially
free etymological email address under the name ‘DATAMAIL’ which permits making
email ids in 8 Indian dialects, English; and 3 outside dialects – Arabic,
Russian and Chinese. Over the timeframe the email benefit in 22 dialects will
be offered by Data XGen Technologies.


conveying administrations will encourage every one of the general population
associated with this framework and will get advantages of government designs
and arrangements when they are propelled and as when it is required. It will
likewise advance online business as it makes the budgetary exchange simple by
charge and tactless exchange.

venture concentrates on influencing a bridge between the governments and people
in general which won’t be any trouble to go; here taxpayer driven organizations
will achieve the doorstep of the general population just by a single click only.

program to encourage both, the client and service providers, this venture is
focused to end by 2019. Led by the service of correspondence and IT, a
gathering of the counseling body cares for the working and execution of the

an outstandingly striking aim of the Digital India program is to give IT
occupations, as this program highlights on digital improvement it will
comparatively give work in this field to the adolescent of the age.

helps in globalization as it interface one individual to the entire world
through their telephone or PC screen, it will abstain from keeping up of
reports at paper length as all will be spared and conveyed through the web at
all level like school, universities, workplaces, or some other organization.





 The said paper has the following objective:

understand the Digital India Concept

study the Opportunities and challenges faced by Digital India Program

study the role of government and investors for making Digital India a success


Data have
been collected with the help of various secondary sources such as articles,
journals, magazines, books, website etc. The main objective of this paper is to
bring out the understanding of the Digital
India concept, opportunities and challenges of Digital India Program and role
of government and investors for making Digital India a success campaign.


5.1 Digital India Concept:

Seen under
the correspondence and information development branch of India, this wander
highlight on the web openness wherever all through the country and partner all
city, town, and towns through one arrangement of organization.

The plan
of the campaign was through a much-panned game plan of working where more than
250,000 towns and different neighborhoods of the country were given quick web
affiliations. Moreover, in this, the BHARAT BROADBAND NETWORK LIMITED
“BSNL” expected an incredibly key part. As BSNL venture up with
respect to give quick web to all sides of the world.


Government of India plans to accomplish development on numerous fronts with the
Digital India Program. The government is mainly focusing on the following “9
Pillars” for making Digital India a success campaign:

1)       Broadband Highway

2)       General Access to Mobile availability

3)       Open Internet Access Program

4)       E-Governance – Reforming Government through

5)       E-Kranti – Electronic conveyance of

6)       Data for All

7)       Gadgets Manufacturing

8)       IT for Jobs

9)       Early Harvest Programs

Opportunities and Challenges:

of India won’t just expand the productivity of the administration and open part
yet additionally achieve tremendous democratization of the economy” trusts
Prof. Nirvikar Singh, University of California, Santa Cruz. In his
”conceptualizing” session with the examination colleagues and the executive
general of NCAER Dr Shekhar Shah, Prof. Singh investigated an introduction on
the Government’s Digital India program, arranged by the Department of
Electronics and Information Technology.     

development expecting control all of troublesome work, and the clear
nonappearance of capable work in India, it is fundamental to have the country’s
work compel skilled in Information Technology. In perspective of this present,
India’s Digital India Campaign intends to take off advancement key to enable
change. The vision of this program incorporates three domains: comprehensive
access to digital establishment, citizen upheld associations, and national
reinforcing. This vision is also made to consolidate devices collecting and
occupation creation as well.

Further the opportunities of Digital
program are as under:

By 2025, the GDP will be approx. 1 trillion with the help of
Digital India Program.

Helps in generating employment.

The essential stamping of program as Digital India includes
their transformative impact.

Digital India program will put a conclusion to debasement
structure which transforms into the central part of the country.

It weaves together countless and musings into a solitary,
far reaching objective with the goal that each of them is viewed as a major
aspect of a bigger objective.

It would get open responsibility through commanded
conveyance of Government administrations electronically.

It benefits people of India in every town to the extent
learning upgrade by using web in regular daily existence.

Digital India program intends to diminish paper work which
will save trees and secure condition.

Every individual will have financial balance.

National give entryway, a wander under Digital India, will
put a conclusion to allow process proper from convenience of understudy’s
application, check, support and disbursal to end beneficiary for all gifts gave
by The Government of India.

The challenges
for Digital program are as under:

India is an extraordinary arrangement however its inappropriate usage because
of detachment and rigidity to essential can prompt its disappointment. As the
project is consisting of many other departments therefore a dedicative, strong
and timely supportive environment is must for its completion in effective
manner. As the activity is new, clearly the program will confront many
difficulties. A portion of the difficulties which may make issue in its execution
are as under:

Digital India plans to change the nation into a digitally
engaged information economy. It isn’t a simple undertaking. It needs
coordination and cooperation of all the administration Departments. Without the
smooth collaboration between the divisions the mission could never be
actualized to its full quality.

National Optical fiber organizes guarantees broadband
reaches in each alcove and corner of the nation. In any case, to achieve
broadband association nationwide isn’t a simple errand.

Digital India program will put a conclusion to defilement
framework which turns into the fundamental component of the nation.

Public web get to is one of the mainstays of Digital India
program. But in India, neediness and lack of education remains as significant
deterrents in web get to. High ignorance rate go about as a noteworthy barrier
in growing the scope of web.

We live in this present reality where web and digital
wrongdoing are indivisible adversaries. The whole engineering ought to be
composed such that there is legitimate verification done of the considerable
number of archives put online by subjects and it is accessible to the correct
clients whenever they need with the correct confirmation. With a specific end
goal to guarantee the digital security the nation ought to have protection

Helper administrations, for example, wellbeing, instruction,
managing an account, administration and so on may not be all around created.

Recipients might not have sufficient learning of DIP.

Role of government and investors:

Narendra Modi, the dynamic head administrator of India of Bharatiya Janta Party
assumed an extremely critical part in boosting this undertaking by affirming Rs
1 lakh crore to outfit this campaign.

significant thought is to interface the provincial zone with urban innovation,
likewise to give e-administrations to remote towns that happen to endure a
considerable measure to do feel sorry for works which include a great deal of
authority work, now this will be done at the exceptionally effective time and
at low work exactly at their telephone’s length. This work is observed by Mr.
Modi himself.

venture was beyond all doubt wanted for quite a while that has occurred as
trusted now by Narendra Modi, and it is relied upon by to end by 2019 on the
off chance that it goes according to design. To encourage e-administration, Mr.
Modi has planned to give better e-administrations, to get a diminishment in
printed material, enhance work proficiency and spare time.

clear push to make this campaign is made by the director of Reliance gathering,
Mr. Ambani who makes a move by putting 2.5 lakhs crore in the Digital India Program.


This venture makes simple the improvement of the nation by
elevating e-administrations to all. Also, we can see it has secured numerous
taxpayer supported organizations for all to utilize. Inciting e-Kranti, giving
IT occupations and associating the subjects with its administration at hands
length. It helps in globalization as it associate one individual to the entire
world through their telephone or PC screen, it will abstain from keeping up of
archives at paper length as all will be spared and conveyed through the web at
all level like school, universities, workplaces, or some other establishment. It
is a dream to change India into a digitally enabled society and learning
economy. It is a decent push to create India. Greater work prospects will open
for the adolescent that will support the country’s economy. Digital India
battle is an appreciated advance in molding India of the 21st century
controlled by availability and the innovative open door.

Greater work prospects will open for the adolescent that
will support the country’s economy. Digital India battle is an appreciated
advance in molding India of the 21st century controlled by availability and the
innovative open door.

The program, which has been considered at the command of the
most elevated amount in political order, anticipates between pastoral
co-operation and coordinated effort towards the diagram needs with the desire
that significant organizations crosswise over levels of Government would draw
in themselves in seeking after the Digital India plan.

For effective execution of Digital India Program includes
parcel of blocks yet in the present worldwide setting there is no doubt. In
this manner it is much anticipated to facilitate the start of the digital India




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