With things by algorithm, but that is done

    With the development of programming
languages and programs, writing computer programs has become a difficult
learning skill for beginners. Writing programs requires knowledge and skill in
many areas, such as syntax in programming language, problem solving,
algorithms, data structures, and models. Learning programming languages
??generally begins with the learning of algorithms because simply many everyday
things are done in the algorithm way.

example, if someone wants to prepare a cup of tea, it is necessary first put
the water into the pot, then turn on the stove, wait until the water boils, put
the tea bag in boiling water, the programming is similar to this context. In
everyday life we ??do certain things by algorithm, but that is done
unconsciously. In addition, programming uses different algorithms than what is
in daily life.

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New students in programming tend to
encounter serious difficulties with grasping concepts and abstract concepts
involved in programming. Often they tend to do what the book or professor
literally and this leads to the rigid thinking of the student.

This paper reports on an educational
tool aimed to enhance students’ understanding of fundamental concepts of
programing in the high school VB programing language curriculum (Algorithms,
Flowcharts and programing structure) and managing the time teaching for

is the concept of programming?

    Programming is defined as the process of
writing instructions and directing commands to a computer or other device such
as DVD readers or audio and video receivers in modern communications systems to
guide the device and inform it about how to handle data or how to perform a
series of required actions called an algorithm.

   Computer programming is the process of
writing, testing, correcting errors and developing the source code for a human
computer program.

   It should be noted here that the term
“language” refers to the method of communication and understanding
between persons or to the transfer in the case of a computer of the manner in
which a computer interprets a human request.

The teaching of programming relates
not only to computer science but also to logical thinking, algorithms, abstract
models, data analysis, the method of extracting key information and dealing
with complex systems. During learning, students handle problems step by step,
and they also benefit from their mistakes.

is reverse engineering?

term reverse engineering as applied to software means different things to different
people, prompting Chikofsky and Cross to write a paper researching the various
uses and defining taxonomy. From their paper, they state, “Reverse
engineering is the process of analyzing a subject system to create
representations of the system at a higher level of abstraction