Without car. Volkswagon had created TV and online

Without online advertising and digital marketing, businesses
won’t survive. The newer generation have shifted expectations more towards the
internet and online advertising versus paper news. In the second volume of The Best Digital
Marketing Campaigns in the World, author Damian Ryan presents a caluclated
approach to successful digital marketing campaigns..A survey that was
conducted  in 2013 suggests that  among a total of 1,000 US Marketers that responded,
76 percent believe that marketing has changed more in the past two years (SITE
SOURCE) than it had in the past 50 years.  66 percent of responding marketers believe
that without a digital marketing approach, companies are less likely to succeed.
To further examine this claim, it is widely known that people are constantly
connected online, whether it be a PC, Smartphone, tablet, wearable or
television. People use the Internet in order to perform tasks such as market
research, reviews, work, social media, online shopping, creating digital
campaigns or anything of the like (SITE SOURCE). The survey also revealed that
90 percent or 900/1000 people were connected to some electronic device and assumes
that at some point or another they are going to see some sort of online


To show the strength of the social media platform, Heinz
involved Facebook in a market study. Heinz used Facebook and other social media
platforms to measure customer response to their product.  A case study shows that 10,404 users had
shared the Heinz app and Heinz’s Facebook audience had grown by 30,000 fans
over a two-week campaign period. On Facebook alone, 10.8 million people with 50
percent coming from online conversation (SITE SOURCE pg 37).  Another study by Volkswagon had created a
campaign built around their new product offerings through an interactive game
that allowed users to bet when the vehicle would run out of fuel and the winner
would take home a new car. Volkswagon had created TV and online banner ad
alerts that would notify users when the car would be taking it’s journey.  In order to be entered into the raffle, users
would have to visit the Volkswagon website to make their guess and as a result,
participants would have to browse the site and try to understand product
features of the new car.  More than
160,000 people visited the site during the one-month campaign and 6,000 posts
were posted on their Facebook page on the day of the Volkswagon’s journey (SITE

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