Wolly:noun A pickle or a pickled olive.”Dude, why did you call that pickle a wolly?”Larder:noun A space where food is put in.”Mom, do I add the cereal in the larder.”Bridle:noun The headgear used to control a horse”The cowboy decided to unbuckle his horse’s bridle and set it free.

“verb Raising one’s head in resentment.”The little boy seems to bridle at the thought of doing his awful English homework.”Besiege:noun/verb A person surrounded by armed forces.

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“The policemen besieged the criminal inside the dark alley.”Twang:verb/noun The vibration of a metallic sound.”The twang of the clashing swords made me shudder.” Precipice:noun A very steep cliff/rock face.”The killer pushed the detective off the precipice.”Perilous:adjective Full of danger.”It was clear to the adventurers that their perilous journey would be time-consuming and crazy.”Parapet:noun A low protective mall/rail along the edge of a roof/balcony.”She leaned on the parapet of her apartment to look up at the night sky.”Queer:adjective Strange, weird.”The queer young child went up to the hill and danced.”noun An umbrella term used to describe people not categorized under cisgender and heterosexual.”He is a homosexual, a part of the queer community.”verb To spoil, to interfere.”Nancy Drew queered with the thieves’ plan of stealing the grand pile of cash inside the bank.”Ere:preposition Synonym to the saying, ‘before’, usually used in poetry ” Long will I tarry, ere I begin this war for gold.” (taken directly from ‘The Hobbit’, by J.R.R Tolkien)Skriking:verb/noun To cry.”In the haunted house, they heard a high-pitched skriking.”Palpitation:noun A fast, strong heartbeat due to an unnatural cause.”The palpitation of the middle-aged man having a heart attack couldn’t be slowed.”Portcullis:noun Defendence by raising or lowering the gate of a castle.”He dropped the portcullis and used the lever to turn the iron gate.”Bough:noun The main/biggest branch of a tree.”The oak tree’s bough had the nest of a bird on it.”Blest:verb To be blessed.”The king blest his knights before the war had commenced.”


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