Wolverines the cute but deadly animal. These animals are reckless and will get what they want.

These animals are also referred as the small bear hence the savagery. Wolverines can kill prey much bigger than their body size such as an elk or a deer. They can find prey up to 6 meters / 20 feet deep in the snow and kill hibernating animals. Once they have found their prey they use their two 90 degrees turned teeth (goo.

gl/wLhNkB highlighted teeth) in the back of their mouth used to rip open their prey with their immense jaw power. But these animals are omnivores so they will eat plants like berries as well. Wolverines aren’t only great killers they are also great survivors. They have adapted to live in extreme cold.

Some of there adaptions are lots & lots of fur. Wolverines live in high up places like the Arctic. One interesting adaption is that there feet expand 2 the size when stepping foot on the ground.

This increases the surface area of their feet allowing them to step on the floor without sinking. Wolverines also use their cold wintery surroundings to their advantage. The snow is used as a type of “refrigerator” to make sure their food does not rot and is as fresh as possible. Wolverines don’t instinctively know how to hunt. So they learn how to hunt from their parents. Wolverines are usually scavenges so they just eat dead animals around the area.

But they also take advantage of their environment’s natural disasters. The biggest one being the avalanche. An avalanche is when large amounts of snow slide or roll down a mountain or a hill. When this occurs lots of animals are killed because they get buried in snow and eventually suffocate or when the snow comes down they get pushed around and get stabbed by a tree branch or get hit by a rock.

They have many adaptation enabling them to scavenge dead animals. First they have a great sense of smell, second they have paws that spread out thus increasing surface area, and third they have very strong and tough finger nails. Their great sense of smell that allows them to find dead caucuses that died in the avalanche or hibernating animals up to 6 meters / 20 feet deep in the ground. Wolverines have paws that stretch out 2 times the initial size when stepping on the floor / snow allowing him not to sink in the deep snow making it possible for them to reach hard to reach areas.

The wolverine’s strong claws allow them to dig through the snow to their target. Once the wolverine finds their prey they use their specialised teeth enabling them to cut threw rock hard frozen pieces of flesh. After they find their prey they burry the leftovers in the snow decreasing the chance of is rotting. But since they are omnivores they do eat plants like berries but this is only in summer season. Wolverines also have very advanced survival systems. They have very dense fur that is water proof & frost resistant. And like I mentioned before that have paws enabling them not to sink in the snow and they have strong claws but this time for climbing up rock mountains and helping the wolverine go to hard to go places like an avalanche site. Wolverines are instinctively polygamous which means that the male mates with many other females.

Their mating season is from late spring to late summer. After mating the females make little burrows up to about 4.5 meters / 15 feet deep. Their gestation period is from 30 to 50 days. The baby wolverines are born blind but is covered with fur. The dad wolverine visits now and then and play with their offspring even after they are full grown.

Wolverines are also very anti – social animals. The males mark their territory with their scent. These territories can be as big as 300 kilometres / 190 miles squared. The male’s territory overlaps with many other female’s territory but even though they are anti – social they will play with each other and get along.


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