Women’s husbands to do what they wanted to

Women’s responsibilities are child care, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes ,and dishes. Most of us have heard this kind of sentences before. Do you think women are really this? Definitely not. Then, who are women? What do they do? Are they just maids, or people who are independent like everyone in the world? Women are the significant parts of our society. It is impossible to live in a world where there is no women. Unfortunately, women are doing what people expect from them to do nowadays. However, from day to day, women realized that they had not wanted to be the people who they were. Women begin taking roles in more areas of life. Thus, they are changing their identities that are people’s eyes, and becoming independent. In other words, the role of women has changed in recent years in family ,and economy in Turkey.Initially, the first change in women’s roles has happened in family. In the past, women had just two roles: Being mother, and being wife. From morning to night, they were busy with them. In spite of the fact that women were working hard, they could not deserve their husbands’ respect. On the contrary, lots of women in Turkey were exposuring to physical ,and psychological violence, and pressure. They were regularly forbidden by their families, or husbands to do what they wanted to do. To illustrate, women could not go out, or spend time with their friends. From past to today, the role of women in Turkey has changed. Women are much more than being just a mother, or a wife. In other words, women are totally different, since they are more independent. There are no more prohibitions, or pressure for women. Women do not have a communication gap with their husbands. Hence, they can solve their problems without violence. In addition, household chores are not only women’s business as men help their wives to do them. Consequently, the women’s position in Turkey is equal to men’s. Women do not let the others to restrict their independence saying what women should do. In that way, women have a real role apart from being wife, and mother. Being women.Secondly, the other effect on the role of women in Turkey of the contemporary society has occurred in economy. Formerly, men were working, and bringing money to home. Family economy depended on the men of the house. All over business life, there were male domination in economy. Women took roles in low paying jobs much more than men. For instance, in manufacture of readymade clothes as an employee, in clothing stores as a sale lady, in hospitals as a nurse, in hairdressers as a worker in Turkey. The fact that women work in well paid positions was not approved by Turkish society. Women were not found qualified enough to work in higher positions since people think that women were untalented. Nevertheless, in today’s world, people encourage that women are the parts of the business world. They cannot imagine a company without women. Hence, women have opportunities to be in lots of occupations. For example, there are countless teacher, engineer, architect, manager women around us. Men-women equality in economy is being provided. As a consequence, women are becoming the indispensable parts of the economy. In conclusion, women have a great place in the world. They have gained value in the society, and they keep doing. We encounter them in more areas of daily life. Women’s identity in the Turkish society’s perception is not the same as what it used to be. It is worth bearing in mind that women are valuable, and deserve respect. Therefore, we should give women what they deserve.