WordPress was released on 27th May 2003 by
Matt Mullenweg and Mike  Little. It is a
free and open source content management 
system which is based on PHP and MySQL. It was started with a single bit
of code to enhance the style and appearance of everyday writing. It is being
used by more than 29.3% of top 10 million websites. It is most popular website
management which was started just as a blogging system, used on the web, which
supports more than 60 million websites, but now it has evolved to be used as
full content management system through the thousands of plugins, widgets and
themes. It has also been used for other application domains too such as
pervasive display system.



Plugins are the way to
extend and add the functionality that already exists in wordpress. WordPress
plugins are bits of software available from several different sources that can
be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your wordpress site.


WordPress plugins for gallery

WordPress plugins for
gallery is a great way to showcase images aand videos online. The plugins
supports images, youtube, mp3, etc.


NextGen Gallery

NextGEn Gallery is one of
the best wordpress plugin since 2007 which receives over 1.5 million new
downloads per year. It is an easy tool for simple photo galleries, though
powerful for the most demanding photographers, visual artists and imaging professionals.

NextGEn offers a complete
wordpress gallery management system on the back end, with different functionality
such as batch uploaded photos, add/delete photos, rearrange/sort, import meta
data,edit thumbnails, and many more.

The free version of NextGEN  on the front end provides two main display
styles for gallery that is, slideshow and thumbnails galleries and two album
styles that is compact and extended.


Gallery  by Envira

Encira Gallery allows to create beautiful and responsive
photo and video gallery for wordpress site in minutes, not in hours.

User experience is the first priority at Envirs Gallery.
Thus, they put in extra effort to ensure the user that Envira is the best photo
gallery for wordpress. It ensures that your image gallery will always look
great on all devices whether it is laptop, tablet, mobile or desktop. We can
thus conclude that Envira gallery is the fastest wordpress photo gallery plugin
in the market.



Easy Gallery

WordPress Easy Gallery is one of the best free wordpress
gallery plugin for creating and managing your wordpress image galleries. As the
word suggests, Easy Gallery allows easy creation which allows us to edit
unlimited image or photo galleries through a simple interface. WordPress Easy
Gallery makes it easy to quickly display images in your wordpress posts or

WordPress Gallery Plugin provides various features such

ü  Display
galleries as default wordpress style galleries

ü  Provides
enhanced version of social sharing for images in your gallery

ü  Include
multiple galleries on a post or page

ü  Set
custom dimensions

ü  Upload
unique thumbnail images



It is a joy to use MaxGalleria
 as it a responsive wordpress gallery
plugin which provides an experience for managing and creating wordpress
galleries. MaxGalleria keeps on updating regularly and it is improving over 5
years. The user reviews on MaxGalleria are good .

Maxgalleria allows users to view larger version of
galleries and images in a lightbox effect which is optimized for mobile



ReFlex Gallery is laso a responsive wordpress photo
gallery plugin having two galleries in one. It has a screen width of 480
pixels. It also allows a special feature that is it allows multiple galleries
to appear on a post or page.

Features of ReFlex Gallery are:-

ü  Works
on all smart devices.

ü  Includes
multiple galleries on a post or page.

ü  Portuguese
and German translation added

ü  Short
cut codes for easy content integration


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