Working a part-time job at White Spot, providing service to guests, has been an experience that has greatly affected my life. There, I hold the position of a carhop, where I serve guests enthusiastically and professionally in their cars. I am also responsible for accurately packing take-out orders. Restaurants are very fast-paced environments, and they require patience, quick thinking, and a desire to do the job in the right way, which are all skills I am proud to have picked up.

I must also deal with many different types of people to the best of my abilities, and with the uttermost professionalism and courtesy. This has given me many important job skills such as how to provide excellent customer service and solve problems with customer complaints. It is definitely difficult having a job while also being a student and being involved in the community, and it is surely something I have become better with now because having a job has forced me to manage my time and organize my tasks in a productive and effective manner. This activity has overall helped me to be smart with my money, learn how to sacrifice my hours for the sake of a job, and it taught me interactional skills. I will undeniably use these skills for the rest of my life.Another responsibility that is equally important to me is my position at the Vancouver Aquarium as a volunteer.

The Vancouver Aquarium has an important role in conserving and protecting our oceans and the marine life within them, having initiated the Ocean Wise program, Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, and many more. Being a part of their team has exposed me to many different problems that our planet is facing, including climate change and its disastrous effects, and the growing problem of endangered species. Now that I am aware of these areas of concern, I have become committed to expressing my advocacy for these important issues in hopes to inspire others. This volunteer experience has, and will continue to challenge my curiosity in every possible way.


I'm Katy!

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