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World Event That Influenced World’s PoliticsIt is without a doubt that the United States elections are often a world event as it attracts both the social and political interests from countries across the globe. The 2016 US elections were not different because they drew political interests of almost all countries around the world. One interesting aspect about these polls is that its campaigns that featured Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had significant political influence both in the United States and the world at large. With this in mind, how did the Donald Trump campaigns and win as the Forty-fifth United States president influence both the United States and world politics? During his campaigns before the November 8, 2016, US elections, the then Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump vowed to erect a wall that would border the United States with Mexico. The candidate also promised to embrace an easygoing relationship with the Russians and at the same time vowed to adopt a harder line with China. These promises had significant implications to the world politics and further threatened to disrupt the trade agreements that the U.S had agreed with these mentioned countries (Jensen, Quinn, & Weymouth, 11). Because of these promises, many doubted whether the candidate would manage to win the elections and this led both friends and foes of the United States to keenly follow the country’s politics as many held belief that the United States foreign policy would change significantly.Although many including political experts from across the globe dismissed any chances of Donald Trump win, the world was shocked after Americans elected Trump as the next US president. Even more surprising is that Trump became the first US president to win presidential office without any prior experience in both the US military and the government (Nye, 5) Trump’s winning the elections and his campaigns shook the world politics and still does to date, as he has begun implementing the promises that he made as a candidate.