Would students awake during lessons.But then the school

Would there be benefits to schools starting late?There are many reasons it would help the students of schools.It would help students improve their overall grades.Extra sleep would also keep students awake during lessons.But then the school would end later and students wouldn’t have enough time for extra activities and homework.Overall it would help everyone improve and have many benefits.    Extra sleep would help students improve their grades.According to National Sleep Foundation, it shows in a recent poll, about 80% of students have improved their overall performance with school starting later.It would keep you awake during classes so you can take the notes.With the notes, you would pass exams.They would start passing their classes and teachers wouldn’t have to worry about their students.It would help out since you wouldn’t have to pay tutors.It would keep students awake during lessons.If a student fell asleep they would fail exams.In fact,60% of students have complained about being tired in class.Also, 15% has fallen asleep in class.About 45 states have at least one school that starts later or are starting to.They have seen a huge difference.Some still have a case to help students so they will start school an hour later for the teachers and students.    It would help them with not only exams but big tests like the PARCC and Nj Ask.They would get enough sleep.Also, time to eat breakfast since school would start later.Since most kids don’t eat breakfast since they don’t have enough time and without breakfast its effects on how you learn.They would also not forget to bring things to school since students are rushing to school and forgetting important belongings.    There would be few problems if the school had started late.If school started late than the school would end later and there wouldn’t be enough time for extra activities.Even if there was there would not be enough time for homework or exams to study for.It would even be harder the days you have big projects due and teachers would see that your grade is going down so you would stop doing the extra activities and bring your grade up.    There would be many benefits for school starting later.It would help the student improve their grades.It would also keep them awake during lessons.So they can take notes so they get good grades.But it would not give students enough time for extra activities after school since it would be end later.But overall it would help everyone in the school district in many different ways.