Write Your Own Articles or Outsource Them?  If you’re reading this, you probably already know if you’re a good writer or not.  Some people are naturally good writers. Their ideas flow and they can get their words down onto the page in double quick time.  Other people however seem to struggle. You might hate writing or it just takes you a long time to complete. Others are poor at spelling and grammar (although with modern Word processing software, this needn’t necessarily be a barrier to writing your own articles).  Before you begin, you need to ask yourself whether you want to spend time writing your own articles or whether you would prefer to outsource them to a professional ghostwriter.  If you do the former then article marketing is effectively free – the only thing it costs you is time and effort.  The latter will cost money – although it is possible to find semidecent writers at competitive rates.  What you need to weigh up is your writing ability and enthusiasm v. the time it will take you and the effort involved to write the articles. Even if you feel that you are a good writer (and you enjoy it) it can still often be worth outsourcing it because your time would be better spent doing something else.  Make no mistake about it – writing articles is extremely time consuming. Not only have you got to actually write the articles but 9  you have got to spend considerable time scouring the internet for research and information to put into them. That is of course unless you are writing about a subject that you already know off by heart. It is definitely true that as you spend more time working in a particular niche your knowledge increases greatly and it becomes easier and quicker to write articles.  There is of course a third option – you could use PLR articles and then spend time re-writing them, making them unique and adding your own information. Because of the nature of PLR (ie. Multiple people have the same content) it is not possible or advisable to submit PLR articles to article directories ‘as is’ – you must alter them significantly and make them unique to yourself – however this can still be easier than starting from scratch. Staring at a blank page in Word can be extremely daunting, so if nothing else PLR articles could provide you with a starting point from which you can work and develop your ideas further.   Whether you decide to write your articles yourself, outsource them or use PLR – I’ll show you how to do it all later on in this report.  Remember however that writing the actual articles is only a small part of being an article marketer. You must:  ? Choose the best subjects for your articles ? Include highly-optimized keywords that will help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ? Research these keywords effectively for your niche ? Choose the right place to place these keywords within the article ? Choose the optimum places to submit your articles


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