Writing, the Japanese got their writing from the Chinese, It was first brought around the 3rd and 5th centuries A.D, also they subsequently borrowed the Chinese writing system.

However, it wasn’t long before the Japanese adopted it and started using it. It was a pretty much a mess and a clumsy writing system at the start, however, it improved over the years. Changes upon changes it went through.

thousands of odd years passed, and they finally made a movement to unify speech and writing. However, in the everyday language, the Chinese writing(Kanji) are used to write major content words and such, with other words semantic content such as verbs, nouns, and adjectives.Next is Hiragana, this is used to write grammatical markers and endings, and foreign words written in katakana. So if you go in order it goes from Kanji(Chinese characters). Hiragana, and then Katakana. This makes up all of the writing systems, not including furigana and romaji.What about art? The strange yet exquisite art they had is traced back many centuries old! And this Japanese art it can be connected back to the tenth century B.C.

The first people to settle on these homey islands created art in many unique and creative forms. The ancient Japanese constructed statuettes and pottery that is one of the best pottery known till this day.And in 350B.C new people from mainland Asia came bringing their own knowledge along with them. The quality of the pottery is amazing, but it wasn’t only pottery they were masters at, They also have a rich tradition of the performance of the arts. These things were music, dance, and of course,  are still part of the art world. Folk dances and traditional music is also played, and performed with dances also.

The music and dances are still held and celebrated at festivals all throughout the country. Between those two different styles around the Eleventh century, Japan’s amazing unique culture began to grow and bloom, and members of aristocracy started making their own unique home styles themselves, also they were called “Shinden-zukuri”. This certain sort type of house was pretty and symmetrical and was placed in the heart of a large garden, this made enjoying nature great and was quite peaceful, even through the various periods of seasons.

On the other hand, the common people’s housing styles developed in a different manner. The farmers all across other regions adapted to the weather around them, however, the farmers housing style was known as “Gassho” style in Shinakawago. Shinakawago is a world heritage site which you can visit, this style can even be seen in older cities like Kyoto.


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