Yawwwnnnnn! Oh Great! 6:30! Time to get up… Ughhhhh… Does this sound familiar? Teacher or student, waking up early is very stressful. If you are like me, you would like to sleep in for as long as you can. When you have school in the morning you are usually rushed outside, left with a banana or a yogurt, and forced to eat it on the bus (which by the way, you are not even allowed to do). When school starts early you just want it to end, instead of doing the math your teacher assigned, you are daydreaming about what you are going to do on the weekend. Let’s face it, early school hours make you unfocused, disoriented, forgetful and tired. Allowing students to sleep in would encourage students be stressed, starving, tired. When students get up very early for school they don’t feel as awake and alert as they should as if they woke up later, they also can awake to be ill-tempered, moody or have an attitude (especially teens). Students now go to bed at 10-11:00 at night and have a limited amount of sleep. Students in middle school should have 10-11 hours of sleep a night.A delayed start time could help teens sleep during their natural sleep/wake cycles and not be waking up at 6:30 in the morning, they will become a nicer, cheerful and happier person towards their family, teachers, and classmates.There are many reasons that students are stressed in the morning. “One of the reasons adolescents do not get enough sleep is because of early school start times. The Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that middle and high schools start at 9: 00 a.m. or later to give students the opportunity to get the amount of sleep they need, but most Canadian adolescents start school too early.” -CDCThis is also critical to take into consideration, “According to the 2014 School Health Policies and Practices Study 93% of high schools and 83% of middle schools in Canada start before 8:30 a.m.”   If school starts later students will not be as stressed, they will be fully prepared to learn in class and not dozing off in the middle of a math lesson… When school starts early in the morning, students become stressed, anxious, pressured (and tired).  In our own class, half of our students don’t eat a full breakfast or breakfast at all! They don’t eat enough because they are too stressed and rushed to get out the door to either get to school or get on the bus. This is a problem that can cause problems in nutrition and health.  I am sure you know the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”I am sure you know the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” As well as school, health is important too! If school starts later students would have more time to eat breakfast, come to school prepared (so they have more time so they don’t forget anything…) There is a downside to this topic, which would be a short dinner. To be truthful, this point is true because if you start school at 9 or 10:00 and end at 4-5:30 you might have a limited amount of dinner, and as we know, teens are HUNGRY! You might even have different school dismissal times than when your family comes home from there work/school. if you also have extracurriculars (which most students will have like art class, basketball, student council etc.), it will be a short dinner.  I think personally when students come home at 4- 5:30 from school it’s not a big problem because, they would have had a big breakfast before they came to school, and then have dinner at around 6- 6:30 and not be as hungry. They can also fix the problem by packing extra snacks to tame their hunger during the day.The second refuting point would be no time for homework. This point is also true because homework time may be limited to school nights. My opposing opinion would be, you can always do homework in class and finish most of it at school. Some high schools have an extended lunch period and that could be used for a free period as well. Lunch periods in high school could be up to 60 minutes long. Students can use that time to work on some of there homework for the day or projects.  If you are not responsible to do so, then you will be coming home at 5:00, doing an hour of homework, eating, then doing more homework and staying up until about midnight. If you do your homework in class you do to not have to have five hours of homework each night. If you have more time on one night, then do the homework from that night and the next night if you know that you will be busy the next day. My Closing point would be, if school started later you could have more sleep, a bigger and healthier breakfast, more time getting ready (VERY useful for girls my age…). Won’t be as stressed, won’t be as hungry, you will perform to the best of their abilities (without sleeping through math class…) and last but not least more time to charge your phone :).  As well as the counterclaims you can, do homework at school, have fun in your extracurriculars by not thinking about how long you have to stay up to do all your homework at night and come to school prepared and be a better student all together, ready to learn!


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