Young Ender (Andrew) Wiggin is taken from earth and put into battle school to train for a third war with an alien race known as the Buggars. As Ender is put into the new school he faces new challenges such as bullies, teachers and the games. Ender struggles to find out who he really is, is he just like his malicious brother peter? Is he as kind hearted his sister valentine? Or is he something completely different?Director Gavin Hood chose to make the movie adaptation of Enders game and completely ruined it for everyone. This may be one of the worst movies ever made, even the actors looked like they didn’t want to be in the movie. The only saving grace of this movie was Harrison Ford but even he didn’t bring his A-game for the role, why would he? Some scenes were so horribly made that it was actually hard to watch. Quite an important part in the book is when ender fights with Bonzo in the bathroom. In the book this was an exciting moment, we got to see how Ender handles one on one combat, which holds real consequences instead of a low score on the scoreboard. In the movie we got a really bad fight scene that had a really disappointing and slightly cringy ending. In this scene Ender finishes the fight by lightly pushing Bonzo with his feet, sending him stumbling all the way across to room to slip in the perfect place and crack his skull on a step. Even that explanation of the scene was much better than the real thing.Hood decided to skip over a few big parts from the book, the ones he did put in the movie, we wish he didn’t. Hood completely changed the mind game that Ender plays; this is one of the most important things in the book. Early on when Ender plays the mind game and makes it to The End of The World section we learn a lot about Ender and how he works. In the movie Hood decided to change the entire End of The World section by destroying a castle that plays a huge part in the book, also Hood added a really bad CGI Valentine, which was really confusing. The inside of the castle is completely different than how Orson Scott Card describes it in the book. Watching the Castle scene was strange and confusing because so many things were different and out of place. Watching the movie and trying to find things that were actually good, was really, really hard. The effects were decent but the battles looked funny and fake, but the acting was the worst thing about the movie. The actors lacked emotion and character, which made it difficult to stay engaged and connected to the story. There really is not much to say about this movie that is actually good. As mentioned before the acting/actors, the script, the effects, the movie as a whole is just really disappointing.                 Instead of spending an hour and 53 minutes watching this movie you could spend an hour and 53 minutes literally watching paint dry, it would be more exciting. The paint itself would have more emotion and character than anyone in the movie, the plot would be better and the motives of the paint would be clear. So instead of watching this movie, watch paint dry, trust me, its better. Overall the movie was dry, repetitive and not engaging, definitely not worth the watch.


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