Your a paradox. I shall use the oft

Your speed and that of light will always the
same. Constant. The speed of light is constant and since speed is distance
divided by time, for the speed to be the same but the distance to have
increased, time must also have increased. This is fundamental. This means that
no matter how hard you try, no matter the energy used to fuel your star
ship….you will never reach the speed of light. Because time ‘stretches’! This
is time dilation
and it means that time will travel more slowly for people travelling in a fast-moving
vehicles, relative to other people who remain stationary.

So, if we accept it may be possible to travel
forward in time…. why can’t we travel backwards? Luckily (for us) there is a
relatively simple reason. Primarily, travelling backward would cause a paradox.

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I shall use the oft quoted example, if I travel back and kill my grandfather,
then how could I ever have existed to travel back to commit the terrible crime
in the first place. Chaos theory and the butterfly effect loom large. Secondly,
the scientific world points out that even if we could travel back in time, we
would only be able to go back to the point at which our time machine was first
created. Of course, there is one overriding, critical and probably fatal point.

No materials known by man in the universe can survive even half-light speed
without being pulled apart by its own atoms!

So if we can’t physically build a machine
capable of surviving near light-speed, how might we yet accomplish this? Well
according to an article in LiveScience magazine, Wormholes are our best chance!