Youth crime inViet NamI. IntroductionIn recent years, the crime situationhas been a hot and complicated problem in many countries, especially, in developingcountries as Vietnam. Each day, hundreds of serious kills andthousands of robberies with sophisticated trickeries occur and arereported  in the mass media making the wholecommunity extremely anxious and always feel like a cat on hot bricks.

Considerably, most cases are contributed by youth people, especially teenagers atjunior and senior high schools. The HCMC Police Department recorded more than5,000 crimes last year, 20 percent of which were serious crimes. According to areport by ministry of public security released on December 13 at a conferenceto review social stability and order in 2012, there has been an increase inyoung crimes caused by young people. This paper will discuss facts, causes, andpropose some main solutions to this issue.II. Discussion of finding1.

Fact of young crimeToday, people are aware of the fact that young crime’ssituation is growing significantly not only by the size of implementation, butalso by its dangerous level, and the situation is getting worse and worse.According to the conference on the topic about the National Action Plan forchildren in the period 2011-2020 organized by the MOLSA in Da Nang (from August16th -18th, 2012), in thefirst six months, Vietnam experienced 60 murders and 200 robberies caused by teenagers. In the2012 alone, there were around 76,000 juveniles and 6,425 juveniles crimes had been brought to trial. The Anti-crime Police Department showed that in the firstthree months in 2010 teenagers joined 107 armed fight, 34 per cent of the totalnumber and 51% more than in the same period in 2009. Alsoaccording to a report from the Ministry of public Security, the number of youngcrime declined in 2010 compared with that of 2009; however, the crimes are more and more dangerousand violent. Noticeably, in that year 7,000 crime cases caused by teenagers atthe age of under 14, reporting 70% of under 18 year-old crimes. A report on the Governmentwebsite showed that in 2010 four out of 10 crimes were committed by the peopleaged from 18 to 30.

According to a report by the Ministry ofPublic Seculity released on December 13 at a conference in 2012, there were 37,221 crimes nationwide,a 2.67 percent increase over the previous year.From all of reports, it is clear to see that in the recentyears, the number of young criminal situations and the levels of danger hasrocketed.

This is an emergency alarm to the whole society. 2. Causes of this problemThere are many reasons causing this unfortunate situation,and the main reasons for increased crime rate by young residents was that theywere not being educated well, lack of care, and negative effects from family,school or society. 2.1.

FamilyFamily has a vital role in shaping a teen’ behavior andgrooming personality. Teens become violent or showsigns of juvenile delinquency only when they are facing disturbance at home.Broken or disturbed families with bad relations can lead to teenagers’ going astrayand becoming violent.

Besides, in the dizzy rhythm of modern life, some parentsare too busy to take good care of their children. They do not manage their timeto spend with their children and they also do not know where their children are,what they do during the day or what kind of relationships they are in. Hoang Ba Thing, director of theHanoi-based Institute for Population Research and social Work, also Stressedthe family role in preventing youth crimes.

“Most young criminals are born toparents who litter or no attention to them and are indifferent to what they do,who their friends are and their abnormal behavior in daily life” he toldVietweek. Thinh said 80% teenage criminals have parents who divorced, criminalsor gamblers, or exposed to domestic violence. Lacking the family’s attention,the children can be easily attracted and inured to violence and crime byseveral factors such as drug abuse and negative impacts of the Internet, hesaid. (thanh nien news.)According to M.

Zaman, vice representation of UNICF in 2008,there are 20% father and 7% mother not spending their time on children. Consequently,children can find it free to watch too much unhealthy programs on the media,see killed and highly violent cases, play dangerous games. Finally, they do notunderstand their activities themselves, their character change negatively, andthey do not know their inhuman and brutal activities2.2. SchoolsSchools also take responsibility for this problem. The schoolslack strict regulations and cannot manage the number of their students.

Schoolscan not control student’s behaviors , and sometimes they consider providingknowledge is important than building character. Moreover, students canencounter unexpected conflict with friends or teachers in the class, whichleads to uncomfortable feeling in children, and causes wrong action of them insociety. In addition, sometimes because of a lack of empathy and understanding,teachers may make conflictions became more seriously. Furthermore, they mayeasily meet and be dragged by negative social phenomena such as addicting drug,sinking in depravity. According to a report by Ministry Educational Training,Vietnam experienced 1.600 cases attributed by students each year. Noticeably,per month, there are 1,000 young crimes from 18 to under 30 year old (accordingto a research released by Ministry of public security).2.

3. SocietySociety has been rising rapidly, and it has become more andmore complicated. People likely become greed and human desire. Althoughreceived a lots spoils, children are not educated in the right way to know howto do good behavior and respect traditional ethical values. Living in themarket economy, they defined the value of a human though money and authority.When they encounter difficulties and negative feeling in their lives, and donot be provided good direction, children easily obtain and develop wrongawareness of their actions and unsuitable direction that attributes to commitcrime.Moreover, children effect of adult negative appearances.

Theycan imitate rapidly that the see. Unfortunately, today mature people losstraditional values and they also commit law such as gambling, excessivedrinking, corruption, immorality. It is really a dark mirror for younggenerations.3. Solutions of this problem 3.1. Solutions for familyActually, personality of children is formed when they arevery small, so parents need concentrate on creating child’s character. Ahealthy family is a wonderful environment to establish their good health, so familyshould provide a friendly environment for children, and teach them how to love,how to give and receiver, show them tolerant and opening the heart.

Parents arealso aware of that they are the best example for children. Although teenagersmay make some mistakes, they are still young, and need to be cared andeducated. Parents should be willing to forgive their mistakes, usually listenand share difficulties with them. This is the best method to educate childrento overcome the personal aspiration and lean how to share and support eachother.

Noticeably, parents neither have strict nor indulgent attitudes withchildren for example insulting, beating, and threatening… It is really awrong education way which may make the child’ misbehavior and lead to adistance between children and adults. Consequently, almost of children may wantto escape from control of family.

Therefore, when teenagers commit crime,people should replace rods with psychological treatment, and everyone shouldopen their heart and approve them, assist them to regain the balance and believerlives.3.2.

Solution for schoolsTo reduce youth crimes, school also have vital role. At school,teenagers need to taught to love fairness and hate the wrong things. Theselessons to be performed intensively until they really understand and become a naturalpart of their lives. Besides, the lessons are more impressive to attractchildren, and teacher also prepare more interesting useful activities in orderto integrate each students in class.

Moreover, it is extremely necessary tohave cooperation between school and family, prevent students from dropping out.3.3. Solution for society Each adults should be a bright mirror for children following.Children are only better when they see good activities. Some researches explainthat at the age of juvenile, if teenagers live lonely, they will not dare to doanything.

However, when several spoiled juvenile are collected, they willbecome extremely bold and responsive. Authorities not only spend time onmonitoring, managing this group of children in the community but they also havestrict policy so as to punish crimes to threaten teenagers and other people.IV. ConclusionThe number of young crimes is rising quickly, and it is analarm for the sustainable development of our society. This is really a seriousmatter closely connecting family with school and society.

This is not only thetask of the security service or social organizations but also integrationbetween families and schools in managing and educating young crimes. TheGovernment and Ministries at all levels should work together to carried outmany programs and various measures to enhance social security, order andsafety, stopping and fighting against crimes, especially juvenile crimes.       


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