Yuneec’s so the drone has six propellers. According

Yuneec’s new flagship has been available for several weeks: the Typhoon H hexacopter. With the new device, Yuneec focuses on the rapidly growing group of people who want to work semi-professionally with aerial photography or making drone videos. In the future, there will be other applications due to the modular structure of the Typhoon H.The designation ‘H’ in the name of the device indicates that we are dealing with a hexacopter, so the drone has six propellers. According to Yuneec, that has the advantage that one engine can fall out without the drone falling straight out of the sky. The 6 propellers would also ensure a more stable flight behaviour.The arms of the drone can easily be folded, and the propellers are equipped with a quick release mechanism so that you can quickly return the device to more compact dimensions after use. As a result, the Typhoon H in a suitable backpack (not included as standard in the Advanced version) is easy to transport, although the Phantom from DJI is still a lot smaller.First, this multirotor is a hexacopter. It, therefore, has six arms instead of the 4 usually used on most drones called “civil”. Here no problem if you lose a motor in flight, the system will compensate itself for a return to the base without breaking! Redundancy improved so here with eight arms.The big difference with the competition, the Typhoon H’s camera is mounted on a 3 axis gimbal allowing it to be oriented 360 degrees. The feet of the drone retract here after takeoff to leave the field clear to the camera.This model also has an obstacle avoidance system just like the Phantom 4 and the Mavic except that it is based on recognition via sonar (and not GPS) which allows it to find its bearings even when the conditions of brightness are not exceptional! The system is mounted on the front of the machine allowing him to recognize the obstacles in front of him only.Like the 3DR Solo, this hexacopter offers many intelligent flight modes like the famous Cable Cam, Orbit, Follow Mode … a plus for photo/video.The Typhoon controller is really great for testing it. It embeds a 7-inch touchscreen and displays all the information you need in flight, even those related to telemetry. A noticeable difference for professional videographers, it allows the connection of two different controllers for a control of the drone and its camera.