Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried at Red Rocks This song received widespread acclaim, becoming the firstchart single for the Zac Brown Band and their first number-one hit on theBillboard country charts. It has since become a country classic enjoyed by countrylovers and non-lovers alike 1.  The singer is standing while holding the guitar closer tohis body and relatively higher than the electric guitarist. The electricguitarist has a more relaxed standing posture and has his guitar neck at alower angle than the singer guitarist. Thus, the electric guitarist has to curlhis wrist more when playing notes while the singer guitarist can keep hisarm/wrist relatively horizontal/straight.

The singer guitarist also strums eachchord while the electric guitarist seems to pick at individual strings on hiselectric guitar, especially during the solo.   Liszt – LAGQ Hungarian Rhapsody no.2 This song is the most famous of the set of 19 HungarianRhapsodies by composer Franz Liszt. There is an original piano solo form and anadapted orchestrated version; both have been used extensively—directly andthematically—in animated cartoons and several popular songs 2. The guitarist to the far left is holding his guitar neck atthe highest angle of the four guitarists. He also holds the guitar bodyrelatively low on his leg, which allows his strumming arm to maintain a morerelaxed posture. The guitarist to the middle left holds his guitar in a morerelaxed but similar manner to the far left guitarist. His strumming arm is morerelaxed than the strumming arm of the far left guitarist.

The middle rightguitarist has the least relaxed posture of the four. He keeps his guitar closeand higher up on his body, with the guitar body almost touching his chin. Thiscauses his left arm to be raised up higher to reach the guitar neck. Theguitarist on the far right has a similar posture to the far left guitarist, buthas the guitar closer to his right side (strumming side), which causes him toextend his strumming arm further outward to reach the sound hole with hisfingers.

  John Mayer and Brad Paisley “Daughters” This song was originally John Mayer’s third single from”Heavier Things”, produced in 2003. Since its release, the piece has enjoyedwidespread critical acclaim, winning the 2005 Grammy Award for Song of the Yearand selling over a million copies in the US within 10 years 3. John Mayer keeps his guitar at a medium height to where hisshoulders are slightly raised in order to allow his strumming arm to get a goodangle on strumming the strings.

Brad keeps his guitar slightly higher thanJohn, and keeps the neck of his guitar at a slightly lower angle than John towhere at some points the neck is almost horizontal.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Foxey Lady (Miami Pop 1968) Foxey Lady is one of Jimi Hendrix’s best-known songs. Assuch, it was frequently performed in many concerts throughout Hendrix’s career,and was “placed (at) #153 on (Rolling Stone’s) list of the 500 Greatest Songsof All Time,” 4. Jimi keeps his electric guitar at a medium height, which isat a lower height than most classical guitarists. He holds the guitar in a veryrelaxed manner to where he can easily move himself and the guitar around, whichis constantly happening. He frequently adjusts the angle of the guitar neck butgenerally always keeps the neck above horizontal.   Martin Taylor performs “Stella by Starlight” This song was originally by Victor Young, and is one of themost popular standards. In May 1947, Harry James and his orchestra made arecording of “Stella by Starlight”, which eventually reached 21stplace in the pop charts 5.

 Martin keeps his guitar at a medium height on his body, withthe neck at a relatively high angle, and the guitar body tucked close to hisbody and strumming arm. His left arm has to reach quite high in order to reachthe first few frets. His strumming arm remains quite still as he is playingwith his fingers individually. He uses his pinky to keep his fingers steady ashe is playing.

  My Choice: Sungha Jung – Someone Like You (Adele) Someone like you is a song by Adele, written for her secondstudio album, 21. Receiving widespread critical acclaim, this song isconsidered the highlight of 21 and is currently one of the best-selling singlesof all time with 10 million copies sold worldwide 6. Sungha keeps the guitar in a position consistent with theposition we practice in class.

The guitar is kept in a vertical uprightposition, and he keeps a gap between his fingers and the fingerboard. His wristand arm position is relaxed. His strumming arm remains quite still as he isplaying with his fingers on individual strings. He also wears picks on each ofhis individual fingers.

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