is one of the largest international fashion company. It is owned by Inditex, the
world’s largest clothing retailer, which along with Zara, owns seven other
major fashion brands. Zara is a fast fashion retailer, which results in their
current designs representing current trends in the fashion industry – displayed
in the summer and autumn fashion weeks around the world.

is based in Galicia and was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera.
The company is headquartered in Arteixo, Galicia. Zara is present in a total of
94 markets and 44 online markets, and owns a total of 2266 stores around the
globe. As of 2017, Zara manages 20 clothing collections annually.

manufacturers clothing for both women and men, and a sub-brand, “Zara Kids” for
children’s clothing. It was listed at #51 on Forbes “World’s Most Valuable
Brands” with an estimated brand value of $11.3 billion and total sales of $17.2
billion in 2017. Spain is their largest market, with 436 stores, followed by
China (193 stores), France (129), Italy (100) and Japan (100). Zara has 20
stores in India, with their flagship store in Flora Fountain, Mumbai.

is known for pushing products to their stores within two weeks, as opposed to
an industry average of six months. Zara claims it has remained faithful to its
core values, which is embodied by their stores – beauty, clarity, functionality
and sustainability. It also claims it is a very customer centric organization, with
their designs being very sensitive to the market demands, incorporating the
latest trends and customer feedback in the development of their designs and the
delivery of their services. Zara is also known to adopt technology, evident in
their use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips to track the location
of their stock, making those available to their customers as per the demand. With
regards to sustainability, Zara has installed clothing recycling containers
in-store in their flagship stores. Their online presence takes form of an
editorial angle, with personalized recommendations, diaries and photography,
which gives a unique experience to every visitor.

the company has not been untouched by controversy. The organization has been
accused of being anti-Jewish, due to a number of incidents over the past
decade, which include the appearance of a swastika on a handbag in 2007 and children
clothing which resembled uniforms worn by Jews in concentration camps. Despite
these, however, Zara continues to grow markedly, with more than 70 stores added
in 2015. 


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